ISIS Direct the Full-Service Provider of Specialized Merchant Services Rolls Out New Blog

Dallas, Texas ( January 08, 2011

ISIS Direct the Full-Service Provider of Specialized Merchant Services Rolls Out New Blog

ISIS Direct the Full-Service Provider of Specialized Merchant Services Rolls Out New Blog

Blogging is certainly not new, but few can doubt the impact and effectiveness. It’s changing the way businesses are relating to customers. ISIS Direct recently rolled out a blog with the primary goal of increasing communications with current clients.

“Our chief goal is to provide useful information to our merchant clients,” says Tony Norrie, General Manager for ISIS Direct. “We’ll give ongoing updates about our products and services, as well as information that could help our clients in their business.”

ISIS Direct is a full-service provider of specialized merchant services and also leases point-of-sale terminals that quickly process all forms of payments: debit and credit card transactions, gift cards, checks and contactless cards. ISIS Direct products and services are designed to help businesses increase revenue, control costs, improve efficiency, enhance payment processing security and provide their customers with the most popular payment methods.

The ISIS Direct blog will also be utilized to report industry news, as well as changes and issues in the industry that could impact business, such as PCI Compliance. In addition, the blog will be used to stay in touch with team members, particularly the Account Associates who work out in the field, offering sales tips and motivational material to help them succeed in their important role.

“Of course, from time to time, we’ll also use this blog to promote our products and services to potential clients,” says Norrie. “We want to provide the information to those who come to our site wanting to learn more about who we are, what we have to offer and how it can impact their business.”

Because ISIS Direct is looking to hire an additional 350 account consultants and 50 field managers in the next year, the blog will part of the overall recruiting plan as well. ISIS Direct account consultants are offered uncapped compensation potential, flexible hours, a generous bonus package and comprehensive benefits.

Account consultants have the ability to recruit their own field sales team members to work directly with them to acquire new merchant accounts. When one of these account consultants is ready, they can also begin to recruit and train their own sales people. As account consultants build their teams, the potential for income increases.

About ISIS Direct/Certified Payment Processing

ISIS Direct is the newest sales entity for Certified Payment Processing (CPP), a full-service provider of electronic payment equipment for processing purchases made by debit and credit cards, as well as checks and online purchases, in addition to a range of other specialized merchant services.

For nearly 20 years, CPP has helped businesses increase revenue while controlling costs. Now with three sales entities—TransTech Merchant Group, Summit Merchant Solutions and ISIS Direct—CPP has more than 30,000 active merchants and transactions of $ 3 billion. CPP is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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  1. sherrie koone

    ISIS DIRECT is a merchant processing company. If you own a business and they send an employee in who promises that they can save you money on your credit card processing DO NOT FALL FOR THIS PLOY. This is a REAL COMPANY that allows their misinformed, incompetant employees to promise lower rates, no monthly statement fee, no monthly minimum, no yearly fee AND a 30 day grace period in case you aren’t happy with their company. THREE employees at my salon signed up to use their machine and services only to find out that the rates they offered were NOT going to save us any money. In finding this out we promptly tried to cancel our accounts only to find out we HAVE NO 30 DAY GRACE PERIOD. Not only that, but we also received statements that included a charge for a monthly minimum AND a statement fee. Yes I know, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, but keep in mind that our current company did offer us all these things so it is possible another company may as well. Now, with most merchant processing companies there is what is called a deconversion fee. This is basically an early termination fee. This company’s representative promised us that his company would pay this deconversion fee DIRECTLY TO OUR OLD COMPANY. THIS IS ANOTHER LIE. We found out this morning that, not only do we have to pay that fee and ISIS will REIMBURSE US, but also that we have to wait 30 DAYS before we can request reimbursement. This has been the biggets, grossest misrepresentation of a company by an employee that I have personally ever witnessed. AND THE COMPANY WILL NOT MAKE GOOD ON ANY PROMISES MADE BY THEIR EMPLOYEE. We are currently contacting the Better Business Bureau about this company. We will wait out 30 days, get our reimbursement, and promptly find another company to buy us out of this contract just on principal.

    Let our lesson be a lesson to all of you, DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY OR ANY OF THEIR EMPLOYEES!

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