Israel and Lebanon Involved in New Deadly Encounter

Lebanese sources report Israeli incursion

Israel and Lebanon Involved in Deadly Encounter

Fighting has once again broken out along the border between Israel and Lebanon where tensions remain extremely high.

On Tuesday an Israeli military patrol was allegedly fired upon by Lebanese militants causing a chain reaction and ending up in an open firefight. The short but intense attack reportedly included artillery rounds being fired and the use of an Apache attack helicopter.

Three Lebanese soldiers were killed along with a local journalist in the close quarter’s action. Further reports surfaced within Lebanon of two houses in the close vicinity being shelled by artillery rounds leading to even more civilian casualties.

In what is being described by Lebanese authorities as an outright incursion into Lebanese sovereignty by Israel, has quickly drawn the West’s attention with the United States leading the call for calm from both sides.

The IDF still claim they were fired upon during a routine patrol close to the hotly contested border and were merely defending themselves. While Lebanese officials claim their military were only firing warning shots in the air as a warning to not come any closer.

Tensions between the two nations have never subsided since the war 4 years ago with Hezbollah. Escalation of conflict between them has never been a cause of question, but more a certainty.

While the rest of the world moves on and quickly forgets the past violence in this contested hot zone. Both Israel and Lebanon have continued with warnings of an inevitable return to warfare and conflict. Proof of which has been shown over the past 4 years with various small infractions and military incursions carried out by both sides.

The Obama administration has shown great concern over this latest development in hostilities and is in negotiations with both sides. De-escalation of military action is of the utmost importance at this point of high tensions and must be adhered to by both parties to help stabilize the already fragile region.

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