John Goodman a New Body For a New Man

Courtesy of E NewsWhat’s the talk of the town in Hollywood this week? Is it the World Cup, the oil spill or even the lost and found yacht-girl Abbey Sunderland?

No! It’s John Goodman and his sexy new man body.

That jolly big guy that we have all come to love and know through many amazing movie and television roles, has completely astounded everyone. The used to be a big guy has lost so much weight on the quiet; it takes a double take just to make sure it’s him.

Reaction has been very positive if not a little inquisitive to his new shapely thin look. “The guy looks great”! He attended an AFI Tribute to Mike Nichols on Thursday night and the 57 year old literally stole the show with his new look. He looks so much fitter and healthier, is it possible he has given up smoking and drinking as well?

Shocked onlookers in the industry are wondering how this will affect his future acting roles, due to the loveable guy looking so different. No one knows exactly how much weight John has lost but it has been estimated at close to 100 pounds. His publicist is keeping quiet about the specifics but did let it slip it was accomplished the old fashioned way through diet and exercise.

John has been a big man for ever, so this is really an accomplished effort on his part. Rumours of health problems have been circulating for some time, could this have assisted with his significant weight loss? Who knows? Just as long as the new John Goodman is with us for as long as the old one was and making those great movies we are all happy.

Congratulations John Goodman

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