Kaeron Consumer Products Launches Cleenz Home Delivery

Miami, FL – ( February 20, 2013
Kaeron Consumer Products Launches Cleenz Home Delivery

Kaeron Consumer Products Launches Cleenz Home Delivery

Leading consumer products company Kaeron is launching their new bathroom tissue product delivered right to customers doors throughout the contiguous United States.

Two years of product development have gone into creating the new Cleenz toilet tissue product and to iron out the distribution logistics for the home delivery service.

One product that you can count on every household needing every day. It’s not glamorous, it’s not trendy and it’s not sexy, but it is an absolute necessity. It is bathroom tissue and you don’t want to run out of it.

The folks at Kaeron have done nothing less than revolutionize the bathroom tissue industry, by making their product, Cleenz not only soft and economical but available for home delivery.

Home delivery in bulk not only gives great convenience and insures people never run out, but it cuts out the middlemen (distributor and retail outlet) and thus brings down the price.

But there’s one more “sure thing” in this world and that is the need to fund any new enterprise.

Kaeronis are relying on crowdfunding to get Cleenz up and running, which means they are seeking investments from ordinary folks, who can invest as little as $1 to help bring Cleenz into mass production.

What do small investors get in return for their investment?

Bathroom tissue, of course! (Now, there’s a premium that everyone can use!)It’s a product you can believe in, a success story in the making.

To learn more about the product and the crowdfunding campaign, go to

About Kaeron Consumer Products
Kaeronisa cutting-edge consumer products company that are currently employing the fundraising technique known as ‘Crowdfunding’ to finance their Nationwide Premium Bathroom Tissue Delivery Service.

The concept was conceived during these challenging economic times where small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult, if not impossible to obtain loans from banks.

The efforts of these crowdfunding pioneers have put crowdfunding on the map and have contributed to the successful development and launch of many new products and services.

Kaeron is striving to turn their Cleenz Bathroom Tissue Delivery Service into another successful example.

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