Kuneo Koei Brands “Sekrett Scilensce Associates” And “MMP Publishing” To Enter 2012 Sans 3rd Party Distribution

Sekrett Scilensce (Secret Silence) Music Titles And Mary Margaret Park E-reading Titles To Be Available Direct To Customers Throughout 2012

Saint Louis, MO (Kuneo Koei) ( December 27, 2011

KuneoKoeicom Bypassing Mobile Paradigms1 Kuneo Koei Brands “Sekrett Scilensce Associates” And “MMP Publishing” To Enter 2012 Sans 3rd Party Distribution

Kuneo Koei Brands “Sekrett Scilensce Associates” And “MMP Publishing” To Enter 2012 Sans 3rd Party Distribution

Kuneo Koei brands [Sekrett Scilensce Associates] and [MMP Publishing] will be offered direct to customers, leaving behind most of their conventional distribution throughout 2012.

“We’ve been preparing for paradigm shifts for quite some time,” Kuneo Koei explained. “And now that we see what types of devices are entering the market, in combination with economic factors and overall behaviors that people have in common; because of these changes, we can say that we are not interested in [conventional anything] at this juncture.”

“Many of our previously 3rd party distributed products will remain in the catalogues of the respective licensers, but above all, we will be moving our future developments into our direct to customer locations as quickly as possible.”

Enthusiasts, Fans, Followers, and Newcomers will be able to obtain all contents via a direct download format, usually consisting of either a direct link access protocol or, a form based media generator, only needing a visitor’s email to access the catalogues.

It is reported that no sales traps, email list joining, or up-sale schemes (i.e. upgrade requirements) will be employed at anytime regarding the Kuneo Koei distribution model.

“We’re happy to deliver our contents.

For the while that companies duke it out over formats and licenses, while many think we are wrong to neglect particular revenue streams, we believe that it is wrong for us to not engage owners of new devices and traditional computers users alike.

With no hassles or extra pocketing of their hard earned dollars, we are helping them achieve more while bringing them materials they may desire.”

“We don’t live in the old paradigms anymore, so why hold anyone hostage?” Kuneo Koei concluded.


Kuneo Koei Announces Mobile Device Availability and Strategic Restructuring for E-Book and Music Content Delivery

About Kuneo Koei:

Kuneo Koei is a Developer and Publisher of creative writing productions and multi genre music catalogues, primarily serving the libraries of MMP Publishing (creative writing brand) and Sekrett Scilensce Associates (music entertainment brand).

About Sekrett Scilensce Associates (Secret Silence):

Sekrett Scilensce is a composer and producer of Classical and Electronic Eurasian crossover music. His primary instruments are Piano and Synthesizers. He has also co-produced and distributed collaborative works for the publishing-industry (with a focus on licensing and acquisitions).

About MMP Publishing (Mary Margaret Park):

Mary Margaret Park is an author and poet of psychological and experimental fiction crossover writings. She has also co-produced and distributed titles for the music-industry (with a focus on licensing and syndication). Her primary instruments are Flute, Piano, and Backing-Vocals.



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