Labor Finally Wins Elections in Australia

Australia now has its first ever female Prime Minister

Labor Finally Wins Elections in Australia

In what has been described as the longest election campaign in Australian history, Julia Gillard and the Labor party have emerged victorious.

Australia now has its first ever female Prime Minister in an election that was so close it could have gone either way.

In a 17 day standoff, Australians watched as the balance of power teetered between Tony Abbotts Liberal party and Julia Gillards labor party. The three independent candidates, who held the balance of power between them, were locked in concerted negotiations with both parties.

This new minority government was finally formed after Gillard offered almost $10 billion in federal funding for health services, education and infrastructure for rural Australia.

This controversial government funding managed to win over the independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott and went on to seal the bare majority needed for the Labor party to win.

Australia now joins many other countries who boast a government with minority rule. Countries such as England and Canada have found themselves in this position, where a minority government finds itself more accountable for its actions than ever before.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard stated yesterday, ”We will be held more accountable than ever before.”

As a nation comes to grips with these new political changes, only time will tell how effective this Labor government will be and how well it will represent the Australian constituents that voted it in.

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