News4us Launches Bringing Consumers Together by Sharing Stories

( March 20, 2013 Launches Bringing Consumers Together by Sharing Stories Launches Bringing Consumers Together by Sharing Stories

Local and online based businesses are finding their “Like” button the best compliment one can give.

As a universal button, they can be generated and placed on Facebook pages, personal and business websites, directories and more.

A new company is now offering a directory of Like Buttons, where consumers can engage, Like, Comment and Share with friends all in one convenient place making it more convenient to find products and services according to the needs of every individual.

This brings the providers and the consumers closer, and enhances the experience even more.

However, there are plenty of services and businesses of the same kind online.

Not all of them are equally efficient, and so it’s important for the consumers to know which online site is best for their needs.

The is without any doubt the solution that the consumers and providers were looking for.

It brings everyone together and helps them find the right information through engaging in the websites, then with Liking and Sharing the information.

The importance of social networking websites has become extreme in society.

These websites bring people together where they can enjoy enhanced communicating and share their story.

The is an entirely new kind of experience for online business owners and consumers.

They can come together in this site and understand each other better. That will help the customers to know which service provider or retailing business owner has the best products to serve their customers with.

There is nothing to signup or register for, just a simple click of the “Like Button” and share your story with comments if you would “Like” to.

The site is designed in a way that can be used easily by anyone in a fast and efficient manner.

The idea behind the is quite simple. There are a lot of different online businesses categories listed in the site.

Under each category, the online business sites of the respective field are provided. The available categories come in a huge variety.

Some of the most used categories are automobile, beauty, education, entertainment, real estate, gifts, home and garden, sports, travel, and a lot more others.

The users of can like links that they have used or plan to in the near future.

They can also provide their comments on the products and services of different businesses. As soon as they share it, the feedback’s become available in their Facebook timeline.

This way, others will be able to read those comments and decide what business works best for their needs.

One of the executives of, Lee Martin, has recently mentioned “we have been working with this idea for rather a long time now. We wanted to create a platform that can be used by both service providers and consumers.”

“We knew that the right use of social media can do the world of good for both businesses and the online community in a fun and positive way. That is when we came up with Our developers have done a brilliant job by creating a well organized mechanism that everyone can use with ease.”

She also added “we will keep working with and make it even more efficient with Airlines, Banks, Credit Card Companies, Help Lines and more with an instant click to call for those on the go.”

“We want to offer our consumers navigating the website to have an extremely positive experience so they will “Like” our site as well, making sure that people get the chance to avail the best service possible”.

The is already generating major buzz.

The site has included feedbacks from the users using private research companies.

That has increased their user base, which is growing rather fast.


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