Local Technology Leader Provided Perfect Computer Solution

Lake Mary, Florida ( October 07, 2011

Local Technology Leader Provided Perfect Computer Solution

Local Technology Leader Provided Perfect Computer Solution

Central Florida Computer Engineering (CFCE), located in Lake Mary, recently helped a doctoral learner and chief executive officer of a health system nearly 2,000 miles away in rural Minnesota.

“My personal computer crashed and I didn’t have time to shop for a new one,” stated Kimberly Perkins.

“I live nearly three hours from the closest computer chain and who knows what to buy nowadays anyway? I knew I was in trouble.”

Mrs. Perkins started calling around to the major national computer distributors, “I just wanted a reasonably priced laptop to fit my needs; nothing more and nothing less.

But everyone I spoke with kept trying to convince me of the most expensive or latest in technology.”  When phone conversations with distributors ended up leaving Mrs. Perkins empty handed, she decided to take the matter in a different direction.

“I started searching the web for a Managed IT Service Provider to go beyond a retail store that could help me determine what to buy. After a few calls, I was referred to Central Florida Computer Engineering.”

Christopher Ondo, president and owner of CFCE, remembers receiving the phone call.

“She was almost in tears by the time she reached us. She explained how she needed a laptop, didn’t live anywhere near a store, and felt that she was getting the runaround.”

That same day, Mr. Ondo went to a local distributor in Sanford and with Mrs. Perkins on the telephone, he walked through her purchase options.

According to Mrs. Perkins, “It was a big help to have his knowledge and honesty. When I was deciding between two laptops, he explained that the expensive option was more than I needed and I would just be wasting my money.”

After working together on the phone to find the most suitable laptop for Mrs. Perkins, she gave her credit card number to the store clerk and her purchase was complete.

“Mr. Ondo took my computer back to his office and removed all the adware that companies put on computers, he installed all my programs, and had my laptop shipped to me the next day. I saved $650 from what I was quoted with the national distributor and without all the hassle.”

Since helping Mrs. Perkins, CFCE has experienced a large demand to help others in rural America and individuals unaware of what to purchase.

“Not everyone has technology at their fingertips,” stated Mr. Ondo, “However, we believe everyone should have the opportunity.”

Locally owned and operated, CFCE was established on a vision that everyone should be able to enjoy technology.

For more information about CFCE’s initiative to expand technology, please call 407-595-4835 or visit

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  1. Sammy Knight

    I wish more companies provided this service. I got screwed with my last computer purchase. Good job helping someone out!

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