News4us Launches New Wellness ‘Road Trip’ Web TV Talk Show Series for Christian Women

Sacramento, CA – ( April 27, 2012 Launches New Wellness 'Road Trip' Web TV Talk Show Series for Christian Women Launches New Wellness 'Road Trip' Web TV Talk Show Series for Christian Women

Summary: To fight against obesity, depression, and divorce, Love Life Wellness has produced and distributed a new health & wellness web talk show for Christian women.

The episodic web talk show is produced in English & Spanish language.

It is supported by an interactive affiliate phone-coaching program that combines bible-based teachings and new health research that can be supported scripturally.

For all the Christian women who want to find a biblical solution to their common health problems and overcome depression, diabetes, relationship problems and other stressors of life, Love Life Wellness ( has produced a new talk show program for women of faith.

This is the first made-for-web “TV” series for Christian women that not only discusses the latest health information from leading organizations but also offers practical step-by-step solutions through a supporting twelve-week wellness phone coaching program.

Coach Liz, the executive producer who refers to herself as a ‘tour guide’ for the road trip, is a certified coach for Christian women who leads women of faith along a virtual road trip up a virtual coastal highway while stopping by several tour destinations such as the farmer’s market: nutrition; health club: fitness; spa n’ resort: stress management, and other wellness destinations.

The web talk show primarily focuses on making complex health topics easy to understand for women of faith and discusses spiritual wellness exclusively on specific tour destinations.

Whereas the supporting phone coaching program focuses on showing the connection between God’s plan as revealed in the Holy Bible and how it relates to women and wellness.

Coach Liz says, “Once we feel God’s love and recognize his attributes life becomes a fun adventure because we know our purpose and have peace through understanding.”

To achieve that goal for road trip participants, Coach Liz uses a phone coaching system and proprietary curriculum she authored and developed.

She commences the road trip tour by first helping Christian women get a clear God-honoring vision plan while subsequent tours teach women how to discover their hidden strengths and God-given talents.

Other stops help balance faith matters by offering new perspectives on heart health based upon the connection between health science and biblical principles.

For instance, Coach Liz demonstrates scripturally how the bible warns of the dangers fear, the inverse of faith, and excess worry.

She covers secular medical research that shows how fear and worry start a chemical and biological chain reaction in the body that has negative health consequences that originate from the wrong perspectives and thought processes.

Combining biblical principles and teachings that are supported by scientific evidence-based research is something very few Christian wellness coaches are comfortable teaching.

Most Christian wellness programs avoid discussion about biological science or the latest medical breakthroughs.

Coach Liz says, “Now more than ever we’re seeing new secular wellness research is supporting many scriptures of the bible”.

“I try to highlight these crossroads at every turn on the road trip. This helps the Christian women further marvel at God’s intelligent design of mind, body, and spirit because they can see the complete connection”.

The women and wellness program also offers positive inspiration & encouragement.

And throughout the road trip Coach Liz says, “We keep everything fun and entertaining using positive stories and witty humor.

We love to joke around and be loose on the road trip.

Just like if we were hanging out with our best friends on a real road trip.”

She also mentions the light-heartedness atmosphere is a good counter-balance when discussing important biological topics such as metabolism, heart wellness, homeostasis, inflammation, acidosis, cellular detox, and many other cardiovascular & pulmonary functions.

Some of the other destinations of the tour for Christian women include herbal supplements, nutrition, food, skin, nail & hair wellness, and relationships.

Apart from all others the faith program also offers a tour on emotional wellness and spiritual wellness. See complete tour itinerary at

To participate in the weekly Christian wellness coaching program, women of faith simply dial into a 1-800 number and listen in on a group coaching session from anywhere in the world.

The participants also get membership log-in credentials to their personalized web-based wellness activity center which hosts their vision plan and tracks their progress.


About Coach Liz

Elizabeth Avelar, Coach Liz, simply loves life and wants other Christian women to discover their best life.

She is currently pursuing a Master’s Apologetics degree (Science & Religion) from Biola University, a top Christian University located in Los Angeles, California, earned an honors biology degree from University Texas at San Antonio, previously a leader of small group leaders at the second largest church in California and has been a state representative for President’s Challenge fitness program which encourages schools and organizations to increase their fitness and exercise time.


About Love Life Wellness

Love Life Wellness host an episodic web & mobile phone talk show video series (In English & Spanish language) which ask viewers to submit their wellness questions to Coach Liz.

Each show she takes viewers on three tour destinations on a virtual road trip up a coastal highway. At each stop she addresses one major controversy or question and continues up the road.

To support the entertainment talk show Coach Liz has also offers a group phone coaching program.

Christian women around the world can dial in and go on the virtual road trip by listening in on the curriculum and interacting with Coach Liz through their personalized online wellness activity center.

She is the developer of the Love Life Wellness curriculum and executive producer, director, and hostess of the talk show.

The phone coaching program is also an affiliate program where non-profits and organizations receive 75% of monthly memberships for fund raising purposes.

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