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( May 11, 2011

Working from home and actually earning a really great income is the dream of millions of people around the world.

A dream to make money online that is aspired to by many, day in and day out, but brought to fruition by few.

You hear of others making a killing with just a computer and an Internet connection. Millionaires are virtually being made over night and they are! This is fact. The Internet has spawned more millionaires than any other historic event.

The truth is the Internet is such a huge place with so many ways to actually make money on a consistent basis, that the normal person just falls by the way side through the proverbial information overload syndrome.

People wanting to make money on the Internet are usually doing so from a position of urgency and therefore clutch at every positive comment or money making scheme and suggestion put to them.

They try to do it all in their desperate attempts to start making a living online and provide for themselves and their family. This is one of the biggest mistakes any newbie online marketer can make.

Making those first few sales in the online world is a great feeling unlike any other and strengthens and re-vitalizes the weary Internet marketer just starting out. Making money is not that hard on the Internet! But making consistent money is another thing.

You can make money from nothing on the Internet! That slogan is very true and this author can attest to it.

Thanks to Social Media and the supersonic growth of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, just two of many social sites. People (long term marketers & quick learners) are now making money without a website or spending a dime on advertizing while pulling in thousands on a monthly basis.

How? Word of mouth. Word of mouth in specific niches can spread like wildfire on the Internet, especially when started in the social sites like Facebook ot Twitter. Combine it with a free video on YouTube to stoke the fires a little further and get more people over to your Facebook Fan pages and you can have literally hundreds of thousands of people looking at your offer.

People who are actually interested in the subject and don’t mind spending a little money to learn more about it. This formula for making money online is being carried out successfully by many people around the world right now!

An easier way to make money online or start your home based business is to follow an already proven method. Keeping in mind that due diligence in any business venture you contemplate is as important in the online world as it is in the offline world.

Since the inception of the Internet and the meteoric growth of Google, many millions of Internet marketers have made and still do (including this author) money from Google Adsense. You are simply paid for clicks on ads Google places on your website. Once you sign up it all happens on auto and the Google Adsense Ads match the content of your site perfectly.

Google’s check comes every month on time without question. You know you are relatively safe when you partner up with one of the biggest players on the Internet.

Another major player that this author and millions of other work from home businesses know extremely well is Clickbank. Many Internet marketers are making squillions selling other peoples products and getting commissions instead of trying to come up with their own products. The Clickbank platform monitors all transactions through unique codes (Clickbank ID’s). It is simple to sign up and start promoting other peoples products that day.

How you promote them is what will make or break you!

As with anything it takes time, commitment and a small investment to start making money on the Internet. It does take money to make money when you are starting off! Not much, but depending which way you go, it can escalate dramatically.

For those wishing to look further into partnering up and making money with Google and Clickbank the two major online players, a good start get your feet wet with these two would be 7daycashtest.

This money making website has been featured in the national Small Business Opportunities Magazine. It has been rated as one of the best home based business websites in the world and is a great place to start and learn on a budget.

Their is a $2.95 charge for a seven day trial where they actually build you a website and host it on a domain for you. This is great for the complete newbie and also gives interested persons time to see if this is for them and exactly what is required to continue on in building a successful Internet home based business.

To look further into this online opportunity Click Here!

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