Make Your Book a Bestseller with Bestseller Blueprint

San Diego, CA – ( June 21, 2012

Make Your Book a Bestseller with Bestseller Blueprint

Make Your Book a Bestseller with Bestseller Blueprint

Two famous writers, Jack Canfield and Steve Harrison, discovered a breakthrough system through which anybody who likes to write can become a bestselling author.

This system, called Bestseller Blueprint , hit the headlines this year and already created a buzz among worldwide authors.

Using the tips and the techniques listed in the videos featured in Bestseller Blueprint, Jack created over 47 New York Times Bestsellers, selling over 500 million books in the last 15 years.

Jack and Steve decided to share their secret techniques because they wanted to give other people a chance to be successful.

Bestseller Blueprint is designed for any person who has writing skills and thinks he can write a great book.

In fact, there aren’t many skills needed to start writing a book nowadays, because this modern system teaches everything those beginner writers need to know.

Moreover, the system targets renowned authors who want to sell a lot more books and to learn new skills and techniques.

Jack Canfield is one of the most famous American author and motivational speaker, being well-known as the co-author of the stories book Chicken Soup for the Soul.

This book alone has over 112 million copies in print, being translated in 40 languages.

Eight years ago, Jack founded the Transformational Leadership Council, a large group of speakers, authors, thought leaders, researchers and trainers who share their experiences and learn from each other.

Jack has appeared in various TV shows, including Oprah, CNN and Today Show.

There is no doubt Jack Canfield is a successful writer that has plenty of experience in his field, therefore he can teach other authors how to promote their books.

On the other hand, Steve Harrison is a great marketer who helped around 12,000 worldwide authors to market their books more effective and to gain more profits.

His clients have appeared on Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN.

They all recognize the potential of Steve in getting the attention of media by promoting the benefits and uniqueness of each book.

Bestseller Blueprint includes three free online training videos that can literally change the life of any author.


In these videos, those who subscribe will have access to the following:

–          The key components any book has to include in order to be successful.

–          Key mistakes many authors make.

–          Tips on how to easily hit the New York Times BestSeller List.

–          How to start writing a book and how to promote it.

–          8 important things any author needs to be aware of in order to become successful.

–          10 unique ways to profit from a book.

–          The secret of how a certain book generated about $35,000 in royalties, while the total revenue was $10 million.

–          A mistake that is very common nowadays, preventing many authors to finish their books.

–          How an author can become an authority in his niche.

–          The unique formula Jack implemented in order to be successful.


The strategy that generated over $24,000/month when Chicken Soup for the Soul was still at its beginnings.

More information about this breakthrough system can be found at: Bestseller Blueprint



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