Making Money Online Without Any Required Advertising

( August 11, 2012

Making Money Online Without Any Required Advertising

Making Money Online Without Any Required Advertising

Shaun Forest launches his brand new website offering new ways of making money online without ANY advertising needed.

The website is called Save the Planet because he claims that by making money online you will reduce your carbon debt radically.

This new Save the planet website is sure to stir up at least a little controversy from the “going green” folks out there.

But his argument is that if you stay at home and only use your electricity to power your computer, you will use over 80% less carbon than having a day job that you go to by car.

Perhaps the most obvious question is “does it really work?”

The first statement on his home page is “Get 180% return in 60 days GUARANTEED.”

He continues to explain that you can do this with as little as $10 once you pay the $10 joining fee.

We asked Shaun to explain the various different programs that are offered on the website.

He said “All the programs that are offered are guaranteed to work because they have been tested and working for myself and my friends for over 6 months now.”

He continues to explain that if you have the patience to wait you can start with $10 and then withdraw your money and invest in another of the other programs offered on his website.

He says that within 6 months you can turn $10 into $120.

Shaun explains that over 98% of people who try to make money online eventually fail.

He says that the reason is that all the 3 billion websites out there are all trying to sell you something.

Shaun says that all the websites online all are trying to get you to join and sell something to someone else in order to get your money back.

The result is that the Gurus tell us that “the money is in the list” but you can make a guaranteed income online without getting a list or without a website or even without getting anyone else to join.

Click on this link for further information. Save The Planet


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