Mining Companies Help Oust Australian Prime Minister

Today mining companies have suspended their controversial media advertizements that fought the Labor Government’s new proposals for higher taxes on the profits of the mining industry. The suspension of these ads was directly due to a request being made by Australia’s new female Prime Minister Julia Gillard, as a sign of good faith.

Prior to Julia Gillard being sworn in as Australia’s first female Prime Minister today she made a statement pledging to open the doors to miners for further negotiations and put an immediate stop to the Governments own $38 million counter-claim mining media campaigns.

This mining media campaign has taken place over the last few months and featured heavily upon the Australian political landscape. This form of negative media publicity was directed squarely towards the Australian Government and in particular the Labor Party and their unpopular leader Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

It looks like it may have directly assisted or at least featured prominently in the decisions which saw Labor party factional strongmen oust Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and replace him with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard early this morning.

As Australia moves quickly towards the next Federal Elections, one thinks this form of heavy handed negative publicity was just too much to bear for Labor heavyweights. There were other factors mentioned including the home insulation scheme which has since blown up in Labors face with fire casualties, deaths and many millions of dollars needed to fix it.

Kevin Rudd was originally touted as one of the most popular Prime Minister’s that Australia has ever had. He and the Labor party stormed home in the 2007 elections to the famous slogan “Kevin 07.” Fast forward to the year 2010 and political analysts are still deeply divided on whether Rudd and the Labor Party helped steer the country successfully away from the threat of a recession that is encompassing most of the modern world through the use of aggressive stimulus packages.

Kevin Rudd and his Labor party quickly took claim for successfully steering Australia through the financial woes of the last couple of years. While others argued that it was the mining and resources industry boom leading up to the world recession that gave the country a natural buffer. But one thing no one can argue with is that so far Australia has fared well during the economic meltdown that has affected virtually every westernized country to some degree.

Time will tell as to how far the new Labor Government with their first ever female leader Julia Gillard heading towards an election will back down on the planned resource super profits tax.

The media once again proves it is mightier than the pen or even the sword and now in this reporters view, maybe even the Government. When used in the right hands at the right time, with unlimited capital this most popular of social mediums can have life altering effects, especially in political circles.

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