MMP Publishing Transfers “The Road Avenger” To PHP/HTML Cross Platform Format

[] Transfers To E-Reading Format With Slight Difficulties For [Amazon Kindle Fire] Devices

O’ Fallon, MO (MMP Publishing) ( December 26, 2011

MMP Publishing Transfers The Road Avenger To PHP HTML Cross Platform Format MMP Publishing Transfers “The Road Avenger” To PHP/HTML Cross Platform Format

MMP Publishing Transfers “The Road Avenger” To PHP/HTML Cross Platform Format

“The Road Avenger” story (based on the 1985 Data East videogame “Road Blaster”) is now transferring to the Kuneo Koei PHP/HTML cross platform treatment, which makes PDF/MP3 combo styled properties available for free public viewing on mobile smart-phone and handheld devices (i.e. Amazon Kindle).

Difficulties encountered thus far include the inability to play non side-loaded MP3 contents in conjunction with PHP/Hyper-Text on Kindle machines.

It is reported that iPhone and similar products have not shown any decrease in their cross browser performance to their PC/MAC counterparts as of yet.

“There is a lot of writing to deliver in the case of [The Road Avenger],” Mary Margaret Park explained.

“The solution we feel, is to move all the planned public demos into one source location, making it easier and more fun to read through all upcoming scenes.”

“When we first delivered the beta, or, public demo one, we used hyperlinks within a PDF document.

Now that many devices have evolved since we first announced development, we want to give e-reading enthusiasts the option to take their journey directly from the browser of their preferred device.”

“With so many changes coming throughout the next years, we aren’t able to pinpoint where we should focus the majority of our efforts.

One thing is certain. We want to be on the side of the readers.

Who are struggling with old paradigm minded companies, who expect them to pay for the machines, and to pay extra for their contents, by offering a free alternative that supports the nature of what tablet systems are supposed to achieve, without the hassle of being forced to use a particular APP or distributor.” Mary Margaret Park concluded.

‘Public Demo One’ is reissued as both a testing tool and reintroduction for readers who may have missed the initial offering.

Email list readers who have been privy to extended segments and updates are encouraged to follow these developments, as all new materials will move to the new format.

The debut of the full story will occur gradually, at which time, it will be determined whether a traditionally distributed product will be required.

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About Mary Margaret Park:

Mary Margaret Park is an author and poet of psychological and experimental fiction crossover writings.

She has also co-produced and distributed titles for the music-industry (with a focus on licensing and syndication).

Her primary instruments are Flute, Piano, and Backing-Vocals.


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