Mobile Phones and Social Media Blamed for Mental Illness

( May 23, 2012

Mobile Phones and Social Media Blamed for Mental Illness

Mobile Phones and Social Media Blamed for Mental Illness

Since the birth of the mobile phone in 1973 and their extremely popular commercial debut in 1983, this new technological advancement in communications has not only become an obsession with its growing legions of users, but constantly comes under the spotlight from various scientific fields due to safety concerns.

The mobile phone which has now evolved into the Smartphone and used by over 5 billion users around the world has not only been blamed by some for physical malformations and cancers, but now new research suggests that mental health issues are also being reported.

Recent studies show that mental health disorders are now also being exacerbated on a global scale by the humble mobile phone, due to its constant use.

Phantom phone calls and vibrations are reported by over 70% of respondents studied who own a mobile phone, even when not carrying one.

Along with mental issues such as accelerated narcissism and growing obsessive-compulsive disorders found through the constant use of this wireless communications wizardry.

‘The ABILITY to share information has quickly turned into the NEED to share information.’

Millions of new people around the world enter this online world for the first time on a daily basis.

Their personal actions, habits and dreams are put on show to billions of others connected to this same social communications medium.

People are letting other people know what they do, when they do it and where, multiple times a day, on a very personal level and on a mass scale.

Recent news headlines show that employees are not the only ones susceptible to this form of habitual gratification of instant world wide exposure of one’s thoughts and actions through one device!

Employers and even government officials are also hitting the media spotlight for being caught up in the mass hysteria of texting or even sexting in some cases in public and work environments.

The world’s media reports on a daily basis the many pitfalls that children and young adults are constantly facing by being connected to these non-stop communication devices.

Mood swings, online bullying, obsessive compulsive disorders, depression and a growing rate of suicides in teenagers directly attributed to the social media experience are only the beginning of what some see as the norm of online social media interaction through mobile phones.

This new technological revolution which is only just starting to affect the human race on a global scale is being heralded as either one of the greatest declines of the human mind and normal social existence in history to date.

Or, the technological savior of the planet and a natural evolvement of our own brilliant minds, leading to the ultimate global communications platform for free trade and growth between the world’s nations.

Further information on the subject can be found in a new book available on Amazon titled iDisorder and published by Larry D. Rosen, a distinguished Professor of Psychology.



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