Mobsters Reappearing in Saint Charles Missouri

Saint Peters, MO (Verza) ( December 20, 2011

Mobsters Reappearing in Saint Charles Missouri

Mobsters Reappearing in Saint Charles Missouri

From Mannino’s Market in Cottleville to historic Main Street, residents whisper of mysterious men and activities.

While economic uncertainty storms the nation and holiday celebrations serve temporary relaxation, the residents of Saint Charles Missouri speak of other fascinating however, undetermined developments.

With many wishing to remain anonymous, whether due to fear or general confusion, residents from Cottleville all the way to Main Street have spoken one commonality, they believe they are witnessing an influx of mysterious characters and activities near their businesses and surrounding areas.

Top spotting to date mostly includes the small town shopping areas near Mannino’s Market however; some have said that the Main Street strip has seen an increase in noteworthy sightings also.

When asked about interactions and general feelings regarding the mystery men in question, common responses have included, “they are polite and very friendly” as well as, “we don’t know much but they don’t ask us a lot either”.

Impressions from community members have been that the individuals or groups associated are well versed technologically, and seem to be of a New Age mindset, coupled alongside their unknown origins and intents.


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