Modern Business SEO & the Age Old Press Release

( October 29, 2012

Modern Business SEO & the Age Old Press Release

Modern Business SEO & the Age Old Press Release

There has never been such an abundance of free and paid business tools available to succeed in today’s modern business world.

So why do so many people fail?

Today’s business model is so much more complex compared to a decade ago. Businesses must now compete in a new online ‘multi dimensional social level’ in the way they supply their goods and services.

They have to think outside the square and offer more than something different to stand out above the crowd.

The staggering growth of social media has changed the playing field greatly and sees consumers become more mob orientated when purchasing goods.

They tend to follow the mass opinion by purchasing products and services on the recommendation of other social media users.

Shoppers now have the easy option of checking out the product reviews and opinions generated by other social users who have already purchased the product or service.

The Internet is real world marketing, where other people’s opinions count!

Advertizing and marketing mediums have changed, as is evident in the huge shifts in the print and media industries. Marketing a product or service now relies greatly on Internet exposure.

Those savvy enough to understand the myriad facets of Internet marketing and SEO are super successful. Those who are not so well-informed pay a high price to Internet marketers and SEO firms to get their product in front of the masses.

The Internet and especially SEO marketing, play a critical part in operating a successful business in today’s modern world.

Many business owners are in a quandary as to what to do to take advantage of this still new and quickly evolving media and communications technology. While others simply live in denial and place it in the too hard basket and take no action at all.

Through this quagmire of SEO wizardry there is still one old fashioned form of media presence that stands the test of time in terms of leverage and exposure while not requiring a degree in rocket science to utilize and that is the humble ‘Press Release’.

All news starts off as a press release; it is then syndicated and naturally evolves as the story itself unfolds in real time.

It is one facet of old world business advertizing and marketing that has only gotten stronger within today’s information and telecommunications advances.

It fits in perfectly with the electronic infrastructure it must travel along and combines both Internet marketing and SEO aspects into one neat little package.

Businesses that publish press releases on a consistent and regular basis are quickly seen as the authority on the subject, as is evident by their websites high rankings in the search engines.

The press release is a natural marketing progression that is accepted not only by the consumers who read them for their quality information, but by the search engines like Google that can make or break a business in today’s modern world.

A well written and interesting press release quickly gathers momentum on the Internet through syndication on different websites, which in turn creates natural back-links.

All this happens on auto pilot once published. It is not unheard of a new press release being syndicated thousands of times in a very short while, creating thousands of back-links and sending some great optimized SEO juice back to the originating website or business.

The vehicle or website upon which a press release is published is also a critical component of the whole process. is one such website that specializes in offering instant online exposure when it comes to publishing press releases that get syndicated.

From Google News coverage to instant front page exposure on Google’s search engine, has been successfully publishing press releases that have great impact and exposure at a very reasonable price.

About has been offering business and events instant direct search engine exposure since early 2010 and has proven itself as a trusted authority on the subject.

The many glowing customer reviews testifying to the effectiveness of projects completed by the team at has only helped this modern advertizing and marketing company grow from strength to strength.

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