Mortgage Rates and Re-Financing in Today’s Real Estate Market

mortgage rates real estate Mortgage Rates and Re Financing in Today’s Real Estate Market

Mortgage Rates Re-financing

There has never been a better time to re-finance an existing mortgage home loan than right now. The recent economic slump has not only opened up some amazing business opportunities for big financial enterprises to take advantage of, it has also helped many small independent investors to add to an already growing brick and mortar portfolio.

For the single home owner it also means some truly sustainable savings. Mom and Pop investors are now being offered what some are calling a once in a lifetime opportunity to negotiate a better financial position on the family home.

For those with stable jobs and lucky enough not to be affected by this temporary economic downturn, it also offers the opportunity to further invest and grow their brick and mortar investments to new levels, with mortgage rates at an all time low.

With interest rates being at levels not seen since the 1950’s, mortgage payments will never be lower than what they are now, barring a cataclysmic event.

This is the perfect time for an astute real estate investor to take advantage of what the rest of the nation’s population calls a down time. The realty market is currently lost in a sea of turmoil and confusion. Not even the ever mighty mortgage rate seems to be having any affect on the industry as a whole, like it once did.

These times cannot last forever and the brokered financial institutions that once ruled it will slowly start to regain control. This for any astute individual is a case of being in the right position at the right time and nothing more.

For those among us who have the necessary gumption and foresight to take advantage of a momentary lapse in control by the regulated authorities, this may well be a once in a life time opportunity with life altering consequences.

Dynasties have reportedly been built on less.

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