Most Popular Online College Degrees in demand

( June 05, 2012

Most Popular Online College Degrees in demand

Most Popular Online College Degrees in demand

Each year, the higher fees in traditional universities and colleges fall short when competing with online colleges.

Online institutions now command a sizable chunk of the education industry.

It is only natural that online providers put in the research to discover the most popular choices for students wishing to obtain college degrees online via non-traditional methods, or perhaps even convert life experience into a degree.

By far the most sought after online degree in the United States is the Bachelor Degree, followed closely by the MBA or Master of Business Administration and basically all IT related subjects, levels and disciplines are in the highest demand.

The University of Liverpool is a great example of a school which has grasped the changes in the education market by both hands.

The school runs a world renowned online MBA degree course and in 2010 rolled out a DBA program.

Almost any Information Technology you can think of is now available at the University of Liverpool, making it arguably the largest provider of online college degrees throughout the European Union and with popularity growing fast further afield.

But there are even more reasons why traditional universities need to worry, the information age is educating potential graduates about the realities of accreditation and busting a lot of the myths surrounding what constitutes a legal degree.

Despite what they have been told over the last 50 or so years, people have now grown wise the fact the accreditation is actually not a guarantee of acceptance anywhere, either for a job or even for credit transfer.

In fact, it is not a guarantee of anything at all other than access to Title IV Federal Funding in the case of students studying in the US.

As job seekers are quickly discovering, many jobs do not even require an accredited college degree.

They only require one that is issued legally by an actual incorporated school.

In reality, this situation has created a sub-genre of schools prepared to convert a person’s life experience and prior learning into a legit college degree, some even within 5 days.

One company,, was founded by corporate attorneys in 2001 and pioneered the process.

The service allows a person to sign a declaration of work experience which they then convert into a degree using a credit system.

The qualifications are issued by one of a network of small, but legally established colleges and universities.

The service has grown massively in popularity over the last decade.


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