My Unforgettable Las Vegas Bachelor Party

( June 18, 2011

My Unforgettable Las Vegas Bachelor Party

My Unforgettable Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Being from the Midwest, I wasn’t sure what to expect as my last days of bachelorhood were fast approaching and my friends insisted we go for a killer Las Vegas bachelor party.

I had always wanted to go there, but was afraid that my fiancé would not be pleased.

After a little coercing and many promises from my friends that everything would be alright, she relented and we were on our way.

Flying over the desert at night and watching those bright shimmering Las Vegas lights appear from nowhere, I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. I knew that this would be the time of my life!

My friends didn’t give me any hints as to what hotel we were staying in, or any other plans for my Las Vegas bachelor party. They just said, “leave it to us!”

I took their word for it and really had no idea just how awesome this trip was going to be!

We arrived at the Las Vegas airport and were whisked away by a sleek stretch limousine. The limo took us to the Palms Hotel and Casino. Talk about first class, this place was fantastic, it had everything!

The nightclubs, sparkling pools and warm luxurious suites, all with world class service.

I was a little more than impressed, to say the least!

After settling into our luxurious rooms we went out for dinner at the ‘Nine’ steakhouse, where the food was superb. It was one of the best meals I had ever eaten and a great way to kick off my bachelor party.

This was followed with a visit to one of the hottest nightclubs in Vegas…’Rain.’ The women were dressed to kill, the music was pumping and we were treated like royalty.

We didn’t even have to wait in line!

People were waiting for hours to gain entry to this club and we just walked straight in. Like I said, I didn’t know how my buddies pulled this off. But I was just enjoying the ride.

After several drinks my friends said it was time to go. I didn’t quite understand why until we got outside and there was another limo waiting to pick up our bachelor party.

I asked the guys “What’s all this?” They said, “Shut up and leave it to us!” I got into the limousine.

Next thing I knew we were at ‘Treasures,’ a gentlemen’s club. We walked in and I couldn’t believe my eyes! These women were beautiful! This place was a class act.

We left the club very late and our limo transported us back to the ‘Palms’ in true Las Vegas style.

Now this was a night that I would not soon forget!

The next day at a late breakfast, I asked my friends how they managed all of this, especially considering none of us are millionaires.

They just kind of chuckled and said they had carried out some internet research and could not believe how many sites there were on “Bachelor Parties in Las Vegas.”

They called several but were not really impressed with what was on offer, they were after something special. Then they came across the website which seemed to offer so much more than the others.

They say when you come to Las Vegas you better be prepared to take a few gambles, but this seemed like a sure thing, which is exactly what it turned out to be.

Later that night, my buddies took me to another adult club called the ‘Palomino.’ I never saw anything like this in my entire life. This place was outrageous and the women were wild!

Oh, and did I mention that we once again had a limo service take us to and from the hotel? We also got great deals on bottle service at the clubs, which soon paid for itself.

These Las Vegas internet services are great! They offer great deals and savings on everything needed to create an unforgettable Las Vegas bachelor party.

We found out that if you go to Las Vegas unprepared then you can get charged hundreds of dollars on bottle services and those little extras that soon add up throughout the night.

Inevitably, all good things come to an end. So three days later, we were on our way back home. I had the time of my life during my Las Vegas bachelor party.

Thanks to my friends and all of the great people at

They made this Midwesterner feel like a king, even if it was for only three days.

There are things that will certainly stay in Vegas. But my bachelor party will live on in my memories for the rest of my life. I’m so glad we went. It was truly an amazing experience.

(Now happily married)

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