New Cap Fitted to Gulf Well Worried by Pressure Blow Out

Macondo Oil Well

Oil from Bp Macondo Well spreads through Gulf

Critical tests that could lead to the possible end of oil flow from the damaged Macondo well in the Gulf Of Mexico have been delayed due to worries about the new cap becoming over pressurized at those extreme depths and rupturing.

A rupture would make the latest advancements in ending this 12 week saga completely futile. The good news is the 30 foot high cap has managed to capture a lot of the free flowing oil, but the concerns of pressure build-up are stopping the complete sealing of the cap.

The new tests now commencing soon will take up to 48 hours to complete and are scheduled for late Thursday. What looks like a viable concern on an engineer’s computer can also have unforseen consequences in the extreme deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico. There are many variables that have to be accounted for such as pressures at that depth, tidal movements and the rushing pressures of the crude being forced steadily out of the earths crust.

To say the authorities are treading gingerly would be an understatement, with the hopes of millions and the good of the environment pinned on this new endeavour to succeed in finally stopping the flow of oil.

If on the off chance it is decided as too risky to completely seal the cap then plan B will come into effect. Ships from the surface will be used to siphon off the rest of the flow. This would hopefully be in effect by mid July and would once again hinge on the weather conditions within the storm season affected area.

Investors in the besieged company are eyeing the BP stock nervously, awaiting the final outcome of this now world acknowledged dilemma. Shares did close slightly higher on the back of possible good news being delivered with the fitting of the new cap.

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