New Cap on Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Successfully Sees Dawn of Third Day

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon Well Cap Holding

As the third day dawns over the Gulf of Mexico and Bp’s damaged Deepwater Horizon Well, the newly installed well cap seems to be successfully containing the oil leak under extreme pressure with ease.

Live Footage being beamed up to the surface shows how wonderfully clear the water is for the first time since the 20th of April when the disaster first began. Many people are rejoicing at this new turn of events that looks to be a definite turning point in what will go down in history as the worst environmental disaster the Gulf of Mexico has ever known.

How long it will take to properly recover from this tragic event, both for the environment and the local population is still yet to be known. As tests continue on the cap, authorities are yet to reveal whether it will remain in place until the relief well that is being drilled by BP is completed.

It may well be decided to pop the cap and siphon out more oil to the surface under controlled conditions. This all depends on how the testing goes and how the new cap holds up under the tremendous pressure being exerted from above and below the earths crust.

This latest news has finally also released some pressure over BP, the company that has been focused on by most of the world since it all began. Shares in the company surged in the UK, up 6.2 percent at the ongoing good news.

BP needs to show the U.S. and the rest of world where they have strategic ongoing operations, that they have finally gotten some form of control over this industrial nightmare of an accident.

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