New Data Points to More Delays in Gulf Oil Spill

New data on oil spill

Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Authorities overseeing the clean-up operations in now what has been dubbed the “infamous Gulf Oil Spill” have not only been stretched to capacity with the sheer impossible scale of the ongoing operation, but now have to deal with the seasonal weather and its unwanted damaging effects as well.

Even after the best efforts of some of our most talented individuals from the science and engineering fields, the oil continues to flow at an astonishing rate. Researchers estimate that there still is up to 60,000 barrels per day leaking into the ocean. This equates to 1.5 million gallons of pure crude sludge killing the precious marine life and possibly affecting the surrounding environment for generations to come.

Hurricane Alex is more than 600 miles from the affected area but its close passing is still being felt around the immediate site and along the outer perimeter of the oil spill. Authorities fear that it will be some days before the heavy seas and gusty winds subside enough to be able to re-commence the oil skimming and applying of dispersants carried out by the hard working flotilla of approximately 500 boats.

The containment booms which have been until now helping limit the spread of the crude and trying to stop the majority of it reaching the shores and the fragile eco system, are now bobbing up and down helplessly at an alarming rate, to the point where their containments effects are becoming negligible.

Rather than containing the crude they are inadvertently helping to disperse it, helpless against the power of the strong agitated winds and smashing ocean waves.

Officials have reiterated that the ever increasingly important relief wells that BP is hectically drilling to regain control of the leaks by August, were not affected. If Hurricane Alex had moved a little closer to the drill site then that to might have had a different outcome.

Now that the weather has become an undesirable but inevitable factor and will continue to do so until the end of November, it most certainly seems that authorities will have their work cut out for them in stopping this environmental catastrophe before it spreads even further and affects many more millions of lives.

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  1. i wish to ask ,how do the people clean the oil from the gulf?

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