New Generation Phentermine Discovered by U. S. Company

( June 12, 2011

New Generation Phentermine Discovered by U. S. Company

New Generation Phentermine Discovered by U. S. Company

Phentermine, arguably the most successful weight loss pill ever, with millions sold over the years, still has lots of fans — many of them looking to buy phentermine online.

However, nowadays this is rather difficult, given the FDA ban on the product.

This ban was caused by concerns about phentermine’s serious side effects, but by then there was another danger lurking to those who dared to order phentermine online: The online market was inundated by counterfeit pills, mainly from China.

Consequently, a lot of online pharmacies were shut down, and today many of them simply offer people looking to buy phentermine online either completely different pills with names similar to Phentermine, or repackaged/rebranded versions of the same old product.

This leaves those wanting to buy phentermine online today with three big problems:

1 – Phentermine does have too many and serious side effects. This can lead to health hazard, instead of benefiting it;

2 – It is illegal to buy phentermine online without a prescription. Those who do it might face serious legal problems;

3 – Many times it’s virtually impossible to track its origin. People have no way of knowing what they are really ordering.

An U.S. company decided to set out and solve all these problems. They wanted to discover a pharmacy grade pill, at least as good as Phentermine, but with a level of safety as high as possible. And after years of research and millions of dollars, they did it: They discovered a new molecule (1-3-dimethylpentylamine), that albeit belonging to the exact same family than Phentermine, it‘s much safer.

In fact, this new phentermine is so safe, that it is FDA approved to be ordered online without prescription. And this new pill is produced (in an FDA approved pharmaceutical lab) and sold online exclusively by this company, thus giving clients total traceability.

The company claims this new phentermine has an unrivaled value, due to its improved formula, which not only provides appetite suppressant and fat burner, but also increases energy, and reduces cholesterol levels.

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