New Study Shows Climate Reponsible for Changes to Antarctic Waters

Australia – ( May 04, 2012

New Study Shows Climate Reponsible for Changes to Antarctic Waters

New Study Shows Climate Reponsible for Changes to Antarctic Waters

Australian scientists say the heaviest waters of Antarctica have decreased significantly during the past few decades, partly due to man-made influences on the climate.

Investigations reveal that up to 60% of “Antarctic Bottom Water”, the heavy water created around the edges of Antarctica that oozes into the deep sea and flows out through the world’s oceans, has vanished since 1970.

Scientists say that this result is due to changes that are occurring to the climate within the polar regions, caused by both natural and human causes.

This large loss of dense water is a direct response to changes in the climate and a strong indicator that factors are changing around Antarctica.

A cause for what exactly creates this global phenomenon still eludes scientists.

A more popular theory building in strength is that as greater amounts of ice on Antarctica melts away around the borders of that continent, it adds even more fresh water to the ocean.

Scientists are curious to see if past climate changes might recur again in the future and the tracking of these large water masses are being looked at as the first indicators of such a climatic recurrence.

The research was carried out by Australian and US scientists onboard the Australian Antarctic Division’s vessel Aurora Australis.

Scientific Results further show that salinity levels have also dropped around Antartica since 1971.

From the human side increased greenhouse gases were blamed, along with the ozone hole over Antarctica.

Scientists are desperately trying to gauge the rising sea levels and especially how fast they may rise in the future.


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