New Trial Notebook Ebook Distributed Free of Charge

( June 2, 2011

New Trial Notebook Ebook Distributed Free of Charge

New Trial Notebook Ebook Distributed Free of Charge

InfoQuest announces the release of a free ebook giving detailed instruction on how to create a winning trial notebook.

Complete with 18 pages of useful forms, the 42-page Trial Notebook ebook arrives as the latest in a lineup of tools offered by InfoQuest to make law offices, attorneys, and paralegals more efficient, effective, and successful.

Paul Purcell, Vice President and COO of InfoQuest says, “In these economic times, even law firms need help.  In order to give back to attorneys and paralegals across the country who have been good to us, we’re providing a no-cost ebook that will help make all the difference when a case goes to court.

While many articles and reports on trial notebooks can be found, we felt they all lacked something the detail that could lay the foundation for creating a well-organized, professional, and thorough trial notebook that would work with almost any type of case that was presented in court.”

He continues by adding, “The notebook examples we did find, before releasing our own trial notebook ebook, were short and limited pieces on how to create an outline, or some papers dealing with the scope and focus of what a trial notebook should do, but none provided legitimate ‘meat and potatoes’ info on how to set one up.”

The Trial Notebook ebook starts by providing a “top ten list” of reasons why every trial should have an organized notebook and then uses the acronym T.R.I.A.L. to delve into the qualities every good notebook should have; namely Thoroughness, Reliability, Inquisitiveness, Appearance, and Logic.

The forms provided for free in the ebook provide examples of what should go into each section of a thorough trial notebook.  These sections include:

  1. Pre-Trial Activities                                            7.    Voir Dire & Jury Info
  2. Opening Statements                                       8.    Presentation Schedule
  3. Witnesses                                                         9.    Exhibits
  4. Law & Court                                                      10.  The Opposition
  5. Closing Statements                                         11.  Jury Charge
  6. Verdict & Post-Trial                                          12.  Daily Journal

The ebook itself is but a small portion of InfoQuest’s larger law office case management product “The Attorney Case File” which, in addition to a full Trial Notebook section, also offers a “Case and Client Workbook” as well as a detailed “Investigation Workbook” that can turn even the most novice legal secretary into an able investigator.

Sections of the free ebook include: “Structure” – showing how to set your notebook up with good logical flow, “Content” – which includes the 18 pages of free forms, and “Putting it all Together” – which provides steps and tips to help ensure your notebook is as comprehensive as possible and completed before the first day of trial.

The “Trial Notebook Ebook” by Paul Purcell of InfoQuest is available for free download on the homepage of The Attorney Case File at .

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c/o InfoQuest
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