New Website to Exchange Used Children’s Items Launched

Australia – ( January 25, 2012

New Website to Exchange Used Children's Items Launched

New Website to Exchange Used Children's Items Launched

Every mum with little children knows that things can pile up quite fast in a short while as the children outgrow most of the old things and keep asking for more and more.

With time one finds that they live in a world full of discarded kids items such as children’s clothes.

That’s the story of Tatiana Gold founder of who found herself with lots of items that her son rapidly outgrew and she had no idea what to do with them.

With time she found out that this was not only her dilemma but also a real issue affecting countless mothers all over the Australian community she lived in.

Children’s items begin showing up long before the child is born and continue to be purchased  long after the child is up and running around.

Children have a way of quickly outgrowing their things and this can pose a real challenge to the parents especially the mother.

While it’s possible to keep some of the favorite toys and other items as memorabilia it’s not possible to keep all the discarded things like high chairs, children’s clothes and prams even when there are plans to have another child in future.

Most people would rather offer some of the items as freebies for mothers especially if they have little children that can enjoy using the items.

These freebies for mothers can be more fulfilling if the people receiving the items happen to be close relatives, friends or neighbors there’s a good feeling as we watch their kids enjoy the very things that we didn’t know how to put to practical use.

By this time most mothers are nodding their heads in agreement with this story, right?

The best is still ahead so keep reading and find out how you can deal with the situation.

In this day and age money can be hard to come by especially with the high cost of goods coupled with our kids asking for newer items such as toys, children’s clothes high chairs among other things.

That’s is exactly the situation that Tatiana Gold  confronted at some point in her life, while there was a possibility of selling this things on EBay time was of essence as would take quite some time before the old stuff could be bought so as to provide money to buy new stuff.

Tatiana decided to seek for a more practical solution for the Australian community to place their discarded items such as children’s clothes on a platform that would offer the opportunity for others who needed such things to find them.

The system involves redistributing things where they are needed on a platform that is based on trust; the method is easy and fun to use culminating in saving time and money.

This platform has caught on and more people are using this tool to share their kids items through this forum, anyone who wishes to join should log on to the site and begin the easy process of being a Bebup member.



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