New Website Uses Innovative Loophole To Search Amazon for Discount Items

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UK – ( April 08, 2012

New Website Uses Innovative Loophole To Search Amazon for Discount Items

New Website Uses Innovative Loophole To Search Amazon for Discount Items

A new website is quickly attracting attention with its innovative search features that allow customers to find secret discounts on Amazon.

The site,, is an Amazon secret discount finder for “a new way to shop on amazon.”


Using the secret discount finder is fairly straightforward.

Customers simply set values to primary search fields: their country of choice, the Amazon department (Books, Music, Film, etc.), the Amazon category (optional), and most importantly the discount percentage for their search.

A subfield allows customers to narrow down their choice by price range and free delivery.

In the end, the application will query Amazon and fetch the results that contain the discounted items they specified.

Currently, the site shows top picks like – “Garden Furniture 65% off.”

What are customers saying about this innovative application?

Mitch Singleton says, “I fell in love with the site almost by accident.

It’s like Google on steroids just for Amazon.

“Mitch adds that he used it to find special Amazon deals for Easter. “It has everything I need when I have to do my holiday shopping.”

Another customer, Mala Ramnararin, is equally impressed.

Like Mitch, she said NetProShop came in handy last Christmas and for her husband’s birthday last week.

“It’s really incredible – I was just sitting on the sofa browsing for Amazon deals when I came across the website.

I’m actually surprised more people don’t know about it…I certainly told all my friends and family, and now they’re hooked on the site as well now.”

While it’s too early to predict how big NetProShop will become, early indications and growing positive feedback show that it has the potential to usher in a new revolution for how people search for special deals when shopping on Amazon.

Visit for more information.


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