New York Plastic Surgeon Offers Innovative New Face Lift Procedure Distinct From Traditional Surgery

New York, NY ( January 09, 2011

New York Plastic Surgeon Offers Innovative New Face Lift Procedure Distinct From Traditional Surgery

New York Plastic Surgeon Offers Innovative New Face Lift Procedure Distinct From Traditional Surgery

If you have ever wished away unwanted folds around your neck, but bypassed the idea of a face lift, New York plastic surgeon Oleh Slupchynskyj recommends his innovative SLUPLift procedure. This procedure uses small incisions to tighten and revitalize the face, without the extensive scarring and recovery period associated with the traditional procedure. For many patients, this is excellent news, because it allows them to regain their youth without the pain and discomfort associated with traditional surgery.

For many patients, the jowls are the first signs of aging on their faces. The SLUPLift utilizes a small incision in front of and behind the earlobe. Through this incision, the skin in front of the earlobe is tightened, along with the muscles underneath, which are then sutured into their original spots to lessen the saggy-looking neck and jaw skin. With just this small change, patients look significantly younger.

The procedure was designed for patients who are specifically looking to remove excess or sagging skin on the neck or jowl area. It does not change the look of the eyes or the forehead.

When asked about the benefits of the procedure of this new face lift, New York plastic surgeon Dr. Slupchynskyj stated, “Most patients have just five days of down time. They can resume their normal work activities very quickly after the procedure, and the small sutures create minimal swelling and bruising, if any.”

“Not only that,” he continued, “but the SLUPLift provides permanent suturing of the muscles. This helps maintain results longer than other techniques for a mini or traditional face lift. New York residents can have the procedure done on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. This limits the cost and also prevents the risks from general anesthetic common to the traditional procedure.”

He also indicated that results from the procedure are immediate because of the limited swelling, and it rarely requires the use of drains that are sometimes necessary in traditional and mini face lifts. It also avoids the “wind tunnel” look that sometimes occurs after a traditional face lift, leaving patients with a more natural, less “plastic” appearance, without the unsightly wrinkles and flaps around the neck and jaw line.

Good candidates for the SLUPLift are those who are looking to tighten the neck and jowl regions, are in good overall health, and have realistic expectations for the surgery. Both male and female patients can benefit from this procedure.

About Dr. Slupchynskyj

Dr. Oleh Slupchynsckj is a plastic surgeon who specializes in the SLUPLift alternative to the traditional face lift. New York and New Jersey residents can have this procedure to tighten and tone the neck and jaw line without the invasive face lift procedure. The procedure causes minimal downtime, carries few risks, and creates immediate results with minimal swelling. This innovative technique requires just a small incision near the ear, creating minimal scarring and only five days of downtime. For more information about SLUPLift, visit or call Dr. Slupchynsckj’s office at 866-412-2379.

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