Newly Launched Provides Safety Conscious Individuals Access to Self-Defense Products

Bullhead City, AZ ( January 09, 2011

Newly Launched Provides Safety Conscious Individuals Access to Self-Defense Products

Newly Launched Provides Safety Conscious Individuals Access to Self-Defense Products

Web entrepreneur, Walter Miller, is pleased to announce the launch of his website, The business dates back to October 2008, and was created with the intent of providing safety conscious individuals access to self-defense products.

“I have a few friends who had problems with muggers, and my friends said if they had had something to protect themselves with, they would have used it,” said Miller. “(You should) have something to protect yourself with that’s non-lethal and very effective.” boasts the most comprehensive line of personal safety products available. The website offers a host of stun guns which range from 100,000 to one million volts- enough to disable an attacker, giving you time to get away and call the authorities. Thieves are unlikely to look inside an everyday item for cash and jewels, so hide your valuables in plain sight in one of the diversion safes available through the website. These clever diversion safes are designed to look like books, flower pots, and even a can of iced tea!

Customers with children will take special interest in hidden surveillance cameras that can be placed discretely around the home so you can keep an eye on the babysitter, or check up on mischievous teenagers. Homeowners with a pool on their property will want to invest in a pool alarm. These alarms are specially programmed to detect when a small child falls into a swimming pool and are critical to reducing rescue time.

Defensive sprays remain best sellers, particularly pepper spray. The pepper sprays found at pack a minimum of two million Scoville heat units, which will halt even the most determined attacker. “It’s an inflammatory spray that’s measured by the intensity of the heat it gives off,” explained Miller. “Pepper spray is really the best defensive spray you can carry.”

To learn more about the items featured on the website, visit the site’s brand-new blog, The interactive site will also feature informative articles about how to defend yourself, as well as what legally constitutes as self-defense. Spy lovers will appreciate Miller’s insight into the spy toys used on the hit USA show “Burn Notice.”

About the Company: – a division of Wam Entertainment – is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Walter Miller.

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