North Korea Pushing U.S. to Take Further Action

The sinking of a South Korean Warship is still having implications worldwide and especially with South Koreas Biggest Ally the United States. The Defense Secretary Robert Gates has been quoted as saying “The US is considering further steps to hold North Korea to account for the sinking of a South Korea warship”

During an Asian Security conference in Singapore he also said that inaction would set a “bad precedent”, but did not make any further comments on whether the U.S. was considering even more sanctions.

South Korea has taken it very personally and a direct assault on its sovereignty as a nation and has requested the UN Security Council take action against the North. The South Korean President Lee Myung-bak has described as ‘laughable” the constant denials coming from Pyongyang. Yet they have not made it clear exactly what type of action they would like to see taken at this point in time.

As can be expected tensions between the two Koreas has greatly escalated since the sinking of the Warship named Cheonan near the inter-Korean maritime border on 26 March, in which 46 sailors were killed. China an Ally of North Korea is once again being urged to restore military ties with the U.S. as their ongoing suspension was seen as clearly damaging security in Asia.

But Chinese officials are still disturbed by the U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, which originally caused them to cut military ties and thus as some security consultants say, assists in the de-stabilising of security in the Asian region.

Even after an impartial international inquiry found evidence that a North Korean torpedo had destroyed the warship, it is still being denied. The way the North conducts itself has often been described as Belligerent behaviour. This pattern of rattling the sabre of war can often be heard coming from the northern authorities.

Mr Gates has further stated that “North Korea must cease its belligerent behaviour and demonstrate clearly and decisively that it wants to pursue a different path.”

Diplomatic efforts are focused on China the major player in the region with ties to both sides, some more stronger than others.

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