Optimize Your Mac & Make Life Easier with Mackeeper – Protect your Mac from the Latest Viruses

( May 08, 2012

Optimize Your Mac Make Life Easier with Mackeeper – Protect your Mac from the Latest Viruses Optimize Your Mac & Make Life Easier with Mackeeper – Protect your Mac from the Latest Viruses

Optimize Your Mac & Make Life Easier with Mackeeper – Protect your Mac from the Latest Viruses

Mackeeper is a state-of-the-art software solution that has been developed to keep Macs free of clutter, facilitate easy management of routine tasks and keep Mac computers reliable, fast, and secure.

Mackeeper contains a bundle of system utilities that will facilitate performing the most routine tasks on a Mac.

Mackeeper saves users from a plethora of apps, as well as from calls and visits to customer support centers.

Mackeeper includes several Security features.

Mackeeper contains Internet security tools that will protect users from Internet fraud and automatically block malicious websites.

Mackeeper also comes with an antivirus utility, as well as an antitheft feature that will not only enable a stolen Mac to be located based on details that are provided by wireless and land networks.

The antitheft tool will also take a snapshot of the thief, making it a breeze to catch him or her and get the Mac safely returned.

No tool provides better security than Mackeeper.

In addition to the security features, Mackeeper contains a host of data control features.

These features include a data encryptor that will enable files to be hidden safely from prying eyes.

A file recovery tool that will allow deleted files to be easily retrieved, a file shredder that will facilitate deleting files forever without leaving behind any trace of them.

With scheduled backups for files and folders onto external resources, like flash drives and external hard drives.

With these data control tools, users will be able to handle their files, just like the experts do.

Finally, there are the cleaning features that enable the Mac to remain in as good a condition as when it first came out of the box.

The disk usage tool allows the user to see the size of all the files on the hard drive because this tool color codes file folders according to their sizes.

The Duplicates Finder will detect duplicate files that are found on the hard drive, making it effortless to remove them and free up space.

The Fast Cleanup utility will speedily remove all junk from the hard drive.

Smart Uninstaller completely removes widgets, applications, plugins, and preference panes without leaving junk behind.

Of course, there are the bonus features.

The File Finder will allow users to search all of the files that are of a specific file type.

The update tracker will notify users of the latest updates of all of their apps.

Login Items will enable users to choose which apps can load at startup, boosting the login speed.

Users can also choose default apps to open specific file types.

Hundreds and thousands of Mac users are now loading Mackeeper onto their systems due to the recent Mac Flashback virus that has wreaked havoc on 600,000+ Apple machines and caused Google to lose at least US$10,000 a day in ad revenue.

Computer security experts are recommending that all Mac users download and install Mackeeper, as it will prevent exploitation by hackers and malicious software developers.

In order for this software to work, users must be running Intel Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

To read more on Mackeeper and its features visit this link:

Link to Zeobit Mackeeper’s Offical Website

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