‘Paul de Gelder’ To Speak at promOTing Better Living Expo Cairns

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( June 25, 2012

'Paul de Gelder' To Speak at promOTing Better Living Expo Cairns

‘Paul de Gelder’ To Speak at promOTing Better Living Expo Cairns

On February 11th, 2009 while Paul was on exercise as a Navy clearance diver in Sydney Harbour, he was attacked by a massive bull shark between Garden Island and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair resulting in the loss of his right leg and right hand.

Paul’s recovery is an inspirational story of mental and physical courage.

Discharged from hospital, Paul refused to go to a rehabilitation institute and declined sessions with a counsellor; choosing instead to do it all himself – with a little help from his friends.

Four months after the attack, he went skydiving with his partner.

Today he’s back surfing, driving a car and pumping out 20 chin-ups with the help of specially designed prosthetics.

He’s flown a plane, raced a Porsche and amazingly, has dived with sharks twice since in an oceanarium.

Paul speaks from the heart about overcoming adversity, beating the odds through the combination of physical strength, mental toughness and the sheer will to live.

His presentations range from talking with kids with cancer (who he readily says are far worse off than him), to personnel from the US Navy’s diving branch who recently flew him to San Diego and gave him a standing ovation.

Minx magazine recently named him one of Australia’s 16 most inspirational people in company with Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman and the late Jim Stynes.

Improvise…Adapt…Overcome… has become his mantra, echoing that of the US Marines.

It is a lesson that we each owe to ourselves to help us make the best of our lives.

An amazing man, an amazing story. Paul will simply inspire you.

Paul de Gelder has also been recently announced as a guest speaker at this year’s promOTing better living expo in Cairns, which is promoted by Occupational Therapy Australia.


What clients say about Paul de Gelder

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I wish to thank you for your attendance at today’s successful 2011 Salvation Army breakfast. Your speech was inspirational and motivating and I believe contributed to the record number of attendees. Your story is inspirational and it is a reminder to al that nothing is insurmountable; congratulations on your achievements to date, I’m sure you’ll continue to achieve success.

Louise Duff, Managing Director, Brilliant Logic Pty Ltd


Paul was nothing short of outstanding. The feedback I have received was extremely positive. He was an inspiration.

Gary Morrison, Australian Network Entertainment (Police Conference Mudgee, August 2011)


Paul was excellent….I don’t think I have ever seen a group of boys aged 7-12 engaged for that length of time. The content was perfect and targeted the audience. I have had a lot of positive feedback from the staff and boys. I actually had 2 sons in the audience (8yrs old and 11 yrs old) and Paul was definitely the topic of conversation in our house all weekend!!! Thanks

Nikki McCathie, The Scots College, Sydney (August 2011)


I saw you speak today in Melbourne and just wanted to say how much you impacted me. I was unable to speak to my work colleague for at least 20 minutes after because of the lump in my throat. I am a single mum with two boys and rushed back to Sydney to show your video to my boys. I believe it is important for them to understand to never ever give up. I am also a believer in – have a bad day, have a cry, feel sorry for yourself and then move on. You are truly inspirational. I saw you walk out of the conference room but didn’t have the courage to come and say hello. If I ever see you on the streets of Sydney I will not make the same mistake twice. Thanks for enriching my life.

Wendy, Conference Delegate, September 2011


I saw you yesterday at the NIBA convention session in Sydney. You were great to listen to! So great to hear your story. Thanks for taking the time to come out.

Stefani, Conference Delegate, September 2011


Our delegates found Paul to be truly inspiring.

Nicole Amato, Leishman @ Associates, Hobart,  September 2011


Paul was a standout keynote speaker at our conference. He used his story powerfully to communicate the key messages aligned to the focus of our conference. More importantly, it was obvious he was aware of his audience and successfully related well with them. It was great to see him interact with the audience after his talk. Quite a lot of speakers leave once they have completed their talk but he stuck around and we couldn’t been more grateful. Paul is a great guy and I sincerely recommend him.

Gabriel Maciel, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, December 2011


Our school community has been raving about how good Paul’s presentation was at our Speech Night last week. His manner and presentation of his amazing story was well received by the entire school community. He was excellent.

John Royce, Deputy Principal, Geraldton Grammar School, December 2011



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