Pregnancy & Safe Drinking for Expectant Mothers

( September 16, 2011

Pregnancy & Safe Drinking for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy & Safe Drinking for Expectant Mothers

Based on the number of newborns that are born each year with fetal alcohol syndrome, it is greatly advised that you think twice about having that alcoholic beverage when you are pregnant.

Did you know that in the United States alone over 40,000 babies are born with an alcohol related illness?

In every 1000 births, there are either one or two babies born with one alcohol condition or another.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a disease that happens whenever the fetus is exposed to high amounts of alcohol.

The alcohol that you consume will move through the placenta the same way that it moves through your bloodstream.

Based on this high concentration that gets to the fetus, they are unable to breakdown the alcohol that reaches their body.

When the alcohol gets to the baby’s organs, its adverse effects can cause great damage to the spinal cord and brain.

Fetal alcohol syndrome can cause more than one birth defect but it can lead to various different damaging effects on your baby.

These effects may range anywhere from very mild to severe and these symptoms are often times referred to as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that is also known as FASD.

Babies that are born with fetal alcohol syndrome may have a facial deformity, which often times includes them being born with a slender upper lip, small eyes, and an upturned nose.

They may also be born with eye problems, hearing difficulties, growth problems, and heart defects.

If you drink while you are pregnant, your baby may also be born cognitive developmental problems that in turn will lead to delayed development, psychological retardation, and some abnormal behaviour that may include a short attention span, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, and some anxiety problems.

If you believe that you are pregnant, it is highly recommended that you stay away from alcohol because everyone has a different metabolism and therefore, consume and breakdown their alcoholic content differently.

Drinking alcohol when you are pregnant is very dangerous to your unborn child and should therefore, not be consumed because you will live to regret it when your baby is born with some deformity that you could have prevented.

Fetal alcohol syndrome is a mental retardation that you can prevent; therefore, please do not drink because you just might be damaging your baby and giving it a future that you would not wish on anyone.

When you are pregnant, the very first thing that should be on your mind is the health and well being of your child and when you drink, you are putting your unborn child at a greater risk of developing some form of mental retardation.

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