Press Releases, Still the Best for Building Back Links with Authority Status

( June 7, 2011

Press Releases, Still the Best for Building Back Links with Authority Status

Press Releases, Still the Best for Building Back Links with Authority Status

An effective SEO strategy is of extreme importance to publishers, marketing companies, and any company who wants to run an effective marketing campaign.

Therefore, link building, which is off site SEO, is ideal in making search engines see that your site is of importance to the internet and its community.

Search engine optimizer’s major purpose is to get backlinks for your site and the use or press releases is the number one way to get backlinks and get your website in the top Google ranking.

Press releases are used to inform the public about your company, services and products that you offer, and any other important development that your company is having, such as events, change of staff, things like that.

Press releases are written to either gain media adaptation or to interest customers and potential customers about goods and services as was mentioned before.  However, you have to make sure that your press releases are designed and ready to be published.

If a media house is going to publish your release, they usually just use it as it is without any adjustments or added information; so it is crucial that you ensure that you releases are perfect and without any grammar, spelling, and or punctuation errors.

When writing your press releases you need to remember that press release writing is different from article writing and the major difference between the two is that, in article writing you mostly use first or second person to write and in press release writing you always write in third person, no exceptions.

You never advertise in a press release and the use of press releases to build back links give your website some form of authority status when compared to others in your niche.  People will use your site as the go to site for valuable information and eventually products and services.

Before getting into press release writing take these few tips into consideration and then you can have your press release published through Google publicity and other sites.

  1. The first advice is to hire a ghost-writer if you do not know or have the time to write one for yourself.  How you publish your releases is up to you; whether it is weekly or monthly, it really does not matter.
  2. Your next choice is to hire a professional writer, although they come a little more expensive, the quality of the work will be better and you need a well written press release because a well written press release is crucial to your site getting a very good amount of backlinks.
  3. Do not keep your press release, as they are finished have them distributed, the quicker they go out the quicker your back linking starts.
  4. You can also have your press releases distributed much easier through the use of various online services and software such as  These services will distribute your press releases to a number of directories.  You can also use various forums to have your press releases distributed.

However, you need to choose these forums and services very carefully because some will only distribute to a few, while others will send them out to hundreds of directories.  These forums also send your press releases out to newspapers and magazines that are in your niche.

After subscribing to the site of your choice, how you submit your press release as was mentioned before is entirely up to you; whether it is weekly or monthly.

One crucial piece of information to remember is that your success when it comes to backlinks is entirely dependent on the quality of the press release because no one will publish or sit and read a press release that is poorly written because a poorly written press release takes away from your credibility.

Now that you are aware of the importance of press release writing in your business success, you may visit to learn more and get your press release published with high rankings in the Google search engine.

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