Product Distribution Firm Dycomb Inspired by MIT JSTOR Debacle

( April 25, 2013

Product Distribution Firm Dycomb Inspired by MIT JSTOR Debacle

Product Distribution Firm Dycomb Inspired by MIT JSTOR Debacle

Dycomb originated from a movement to better monetize online journals such as PLOS, Elsevier and JSTOR so that publishers may shift their business models away from subscription in a way that suits patrons.

Designed by Matt Kalish of PENSA and coded by Jared Mimms, allows forums, blogs, and news outlets to monetize 10X better in a manner actually convenient to patrons completely unobtrusively.

MDs and scientists may now buy items they see mentioned in the material and methods sections of their favorite journals at the best prices directly from manufacturers without ever leaving the page.

Profit sharing allows for blog services such as tumblr to monetize by giving their bloggers the option to simply opt in to the Dycomb system.

Annoying in-text advertising and creepy display advertising bows in terms of monetization next to Dycomb’s new offering.

Dycomb’s in-text commerce incentive system is now real and appeals to merchants, publishers, and patrons alike.

Paying up to ten times for every trigger of the Dycomb system and as a percentage of each sale made through the platform, Dycomb offers the best solution yet to monetization problems current online publishers face and allows merchants to release their products from the confines of their websites and management systems.

Currently in private Alpha, Dycomb promises to build a more economically efficient web in which even the little guys and struggling journals may profit.


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