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Cleaning and Speeding Up the Microsoft Windows registry

( May 11, 2011

The Windows operating system is a beautiful thing to watch when it is working properly.

Despite the many millions spent creating it and the constant updates Microsoft provides, it still can become bogged down over time and seems to run more slowly.

Waiting or loading times with computers is always an annoyance and a disadvantage especially when it comes to business use and the need to work fast.

The main complaints users have are: Why does my computer take so long to load? Why is it so slow?

The Windows registry is a key component of the operating system. Think of it as the nervous system where the summary of all information is stored in a nice neat manner.

The windows registry is critical to the effective start-up of any computer, as Windows and other installed pieces of software load and get ready to be used. Over time the registry gets bigger and bigger with information and fragmented data and eventually starts to slow. Like a car it needs to be finely tuned every once in a while.

Registry boosters or registry cleaners come under many different names and can greatly help clean up and speed up the loading process of many programs.

Windows registry cleaners are many and varied these days, from the freebie version to the more professional paid registry booster versions.

1-Click-Fix is one such registry booster and cleanup software that has won many awards due to its one click easy registry fix enabling your computer to run much faster. The company guarantees to boost your pc speed easily and quickly.

Users can download a free test drive of this greatly awarded software to test it out for themselves. There are many positive testimonials from users using this unique registry cleaning software to speed up and maintain their pc’s in optimal working condition.

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