Researchers Look into Early Puberty Among Children

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New study in early puberty

A new study in pediatrics has found that the number of girls entering puberty at the early ages of 7 and 8 is on the rise.

The study involved over 1200 young girls aged from 6 to 8 and who resided in Cincinnati, East Harlem N.Y. and San Francisco. Results showed that by the age of 8, 18 percent of white females, 43 percent of black females and 31 percent of Latina females were found to have already entered puberty.

These figures are apparently not unusual and growing in trend. The one obvious fact on concerned parent’s minds is why this is occurring. Medical experts are still unable to fully explain the early onset of puberty, especially the rise in children as young as 7 or 8.

Obesity has been blamed as a possible cause, along with the type of diet being consumed as well as differing levels of exercise and activity. The abundance of food compared to earlier times where malnutrition was more common could be another factor. Females in the 1700s did not start to menstruate till they were around 17 or 18 years of age.

Some medical experts are saying that there may be environmental factors at work that will need individualized and careful study. Estrogens in plastics are one such environmental factor that is being considered. The concern about plastics and the different chemicals that may leach out of them is of growing concern among the public and medical experts.

Another well known fact and even more disturbing trend are all the chemicals that are being used in modern day food production. It is proven that estrogens stimulate breast development.

Earlier studies have provided data which linked early menstruation to an elevated risk of breast cancer.

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