Schools For Africa – Help Us Fund Schools in Need

London UK – ( December 02, 2012

Schools For Africa – Help Us Fund Schools in Need

Schools For Africa – Help Us Fund Schools in Need

The recently uploaded page to help raise funds for schools in need is now fully functional.

The online fund drive ( is officially inviting members of the public, businesses or organisations to donate and help the small registered charity Sankofa Education Foundation continue in its mission to aid in the supporting of schools in need.

By way of providing goods and other educational materials that village schools are always in short supply of.

What we have found is that giving money and donating to larger charities sometimes becomes almost counter productive.

In that, the bigger they get, the more the charity donation goes towards other things rather than actually helping the people that need the money on the ground.

So sites or pages like the Schools For Africa, on GoFundMe, allow smaller and more personal individuals, or groups to obtain that much needed donation and have that immediate impact to help schools in need or any other charitable endeavour.

The online charitable fund drive for ‘Schools for Africa’ ( for instance, is running a fund drive wherein, they are only asking to be assisted to raise £7,500 / $10,000usd, compared to the larger multi-national charity groups that would need millions just to keep their glass offices running.

Many people and organisations on this site are asking for items and support which will have these very direct impacts to either their basic survival or cause of worth.

In essence there is no middleman. They are the ones that need the help or they will be at the forefront of making sure any donations get to the people and or school that needs it.

After careful review of the site and as you also peruse the many others worthy causes.

The viewer is left with the realisation that right here on sites like these, is the opportunity to be fully engaged and invested in improving the basic nature and mutual support for people. And the basic drive to help poor schools in need.

You can also write to;-

Mr Leonard Pike
Unit 13, Caspian Walk, London, E16 3JB



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