Sending Free SMS Online Text Messages Just Got Easier with the New

Columbus, Ohio – ( July 17, 2012

Sending Free SMS Online Text Messages Just Got Easier with the New

Sending Free SMS Online Text Messages Just Got Easier with the New

Consumers who enjoy sending SMS online text messages now have a new option with the popular website.

The site allows consumers to send an unlimited amount of text messages to anyone in the world with a mobile phone that’s equipped to receive text messages.

There are no restrictions and consumers are not required to submit their personal information such as email addresses of phone numbers.

The Internet has been making people’s lives easier since it was introduced a few decades ago.

And with websites such as, the Internet can be used to communicate with friends and family via SMS online text messages.

Using a mobile to send text messages is time consuming and the small keys make it difficult to send a message that’s longer than a few words.

Moreover, some mobile phone carriers charge for text messages by the message, or they offer a monthly subscription service that allows consumers to send X amount of messages per month.

If a customer goes over their limit, the carrier will begin charging anywhere from .01 cents to .05 cents per message.

The average is about .05 per message which can quickly add up for people who send a lot of messages on a weekly basis.

“I’ve been using your website for 3 weeks now and I just want to say thanks! I can’t believe I’ve been paying for this service. I don’t pay much but ‘free’ sure beats any price. Keep up the good work.” — Peter McIntosh, Denver, Colorado doesn’t charge its users to send SMS online text messages and it is a lot easier to use than a mobile phone.

The service is perfect for consumers who need to send text messages overseas as there are no geographical restrictions.

As long as the recipient has a cell phone that’s capable of receiving text messages, can be used.



The SMS Sheep website was created to allow people to send unlimited text messages to any mobile phone in the world.

There is no need to register or provide any personal information.

Sending messages is quick and easy and the website’s creators only ask that people spread the word about the website to their friends and family members.



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