Shock & Horror too Much Salt is Bad for You!

Once again salt and how much we consume of this common household spice has hit the headlines. We are informed over and over that too much salt is detrimental to our health when eaten in copious amounts. Salt is a serious contributor to the likely increase of blood pressure and which in turn has been proven to lead to major health risks such as heart disease.

Now a new up-to-date Government report has disclosed that ninety percent of Americans consume way to much salt than is advised. Now, it is not a surprise that many people still add extra salt to their meals and thus exceed limits due to their own ignorance or low care factors.

But health professionals are now saying that this is not necessarily the case anymore and are blaming the processed foods themselves. The average person that takes care in watching the amount of spices, especially salt added to their foods is now suffering from salt intake overdoses just as high as the person that pours it on.

This is due to salt levels that have grown to an all time high in our daily processed foods. Even after all the reports that have condemned this practice in the past, it still keeps growing out of control. Combine this with more and more people who live in this fast paced society turning to the ease and obvious time savings of consuming processed foods and you have a killer of a time bomb on your hands.

Most foods that taste saltless can actually have the highest amounts of salt. Foods such as grains and in particular processed meats are exceptionally high in sodium. Most people think that brown bread is healthier than white bread. That may well be so, but recent studies show that brown bread contains more salt than white bread.

So is it beneficial to eat the higher fibre brown bread over white, even though it has more salt? Decisions like these can be confusing to the general public and through no fault of their own lead to a higher salt intake.

Salt is everywhere around us and the most common of all the spices. It has a history that goes back thousands of years and even described as a medicine in past times. Even in these modern times the medicinal purposes of salt are still talked about as a remedy for many ailments. Yes our body needs salt, especially in the bones where 27 percent of the salt in our bodies is found.

Health professionals have once again stated as they have many times in the past, that it is going to take a concerted public health effort encompassing the Government and the lawmakers to get food manufacturers and restaurants to reduce the amount of salt used in foods we consume as quickly as possible.

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