Singing Sensation Chiffon Ma-Ry` Goes Viral on YouTube with 2 Million Views

With over 2 Million YouTube Views, from Newly Released Music Videos “Keep It Moving “and “Goin to the Grammy`s”

San Antonio, TX – ( May 21, 2013

Singing Sensation Chiffon Ma-Ry` Goes Viral on YouTube with 2 Million Views

Singing Sensation Chiffon Ma-Ry` Goes Viral on YouTube with 2 Million Views

With over 2 million YouTube video views combined between the two newly released music videos “Keep it Moving” which was produced by Dandre Po Po Smith and “Goin to the Grammys” which Singer/Songwriter Chiffon Ma-ry` wrote and played a part in arranging, it`s no wonder why so many people are saying the singer is well on her way to becoming an internet sensation.

This rising singer not only has a knack for writing and creating catchy songs but also for developing some of the coolest and unique dances to come out of the South. Her recent dance single and music video called the “Fan Blow” is currently running a dance contest, where visitors can follow the link and watch the video to learn the moves, then sign up to the Chiffon Ma-ry` mailing list for future updates and to also be given a chance to see if they were selected as a winner.

To submit an entry into the contest visitors will click the video title from intochiffonmarysmusic at hosting site for free where they will then be directed to the YouTube page where a video response from the entrant would need to be made dancing the “Fan Blow” from the “Fan Blow” Dance Video and posted on to the YouTube channel, showcasing their very best “Fan Blow Dance Moves” for the rest of the world to see and be judged.

About Chiffon Ma-ry`
Born in San Angelo, TX but residing in San Antonio, TX Chiffon Ma-ry` got her start in singing at a very young age. Having inherited her musical genes from her mother`s side of the family where gospel and soul singing were a normal part of every Sunday routine at Church events and special outings, it is no surprise that the singer naturally developed her singing chops and performing genes as a result.

It is no secret that Chiffon Ma-ry`s Singing Performances are sensational as seen in many of her on air TV performances like Ken`s 5. However if the internet had no idea this singer could rap they were wrong, with having also released her first rap song entitled “Hot Commodity” from her new mix tape featured at Reverbnation.

In addition to her Keep it Moving Single which has garnered over 1 million YouTube views at, it is evident that this Up and Coming Singer Could very well be giving the music industry a run for its money with her pop/rap sound having been compared by industry makers to music artists like Kesha. She surely may, have relevant pop music by what pop radio is playing today but Chiffon Ma-ry` brings something different to the table with a unique image, brand, and unbelievable amount of versatility to the music industry.

Having had a background in the music industry and being a freelance journalist in the past surely can do nothing but help add to the appeal this artist already brings to the music industry. The interviewing of music celebrities, the covering of concerts, and writing of articles for entertainment stories in the past have ultimately prepared this “Up and Coming” Singer for what it will be like being a professional entertainer. All that can be said are, great things are in store for an artist of this caliber.




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