Skeeter Wesinger Launches New SEO Hosting Company –

Naples, FL ( September 15, 2010

Skeeter Wesinger Launches New SEO Hosting Company -

Skeeter Wesinger Launches New SEO Hosting Company -

Newly Launced SEO Hosting Company –

Announcing the launch of a new all American SEO website. TheWebsite is Skeeter Wesingers’ second foray into cyberspace. The company offers integrated analytics, including SEO metrics along with data center SEO hosting.

“Today the Internet is no longer a passing fad; it’s the real deal and if you’re not playing to win, then you best move out of the way. Today some 90+ percent of the content on the Internet is in English. Domains were a hot item, they still are, but today the truly hot items are search terms. These are words in groups of two or three that the search engines use to classify websites.

The days of just using Meta Data tags or keywords along with backlinks are long gone. In today’s Internet environment it’s about speed and clean XHTML. There are over 700 items in a website that require inspection before the site is launched. This is child’s play compared to what is coming next,” said Wesinger, who recently launched

“Today SEO must include analytics to allow decision makers to view real time data metrics, providing marketing effectiveness. The search marketplace is changing rapidly with the introduction of Google Caffeine, the partnering between Microsoft and Yahoo,” says Wesinger.

“Effective marketing is when your company’s website shows up as one of the top ten sites, when searching Yahoo, Bing and Google. has demonstrated this with the use of their SEO techniques; they maneuvered to one of the top ten on Yahoo, Bing, and Google,” said Wesinger.

Mr. Wesinger is the named inventor on over 20 United States patents and numerous publications about the Internet. Mr. Wesinger’s first Internet company was Network Engineering Software, Inc., which he started in 1992 then sold to GraphOn Corporation in 2005.

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