Skizzleville Launches Social Network Site for Pre-Teens & Teens Through Virtual Movie Theatre

( April 01, 2013

Skizzleville Launches Social Network Site for Pre-Teens & Teens Through Virtual Movie Theatre

Skizzleville Launches Social Network Site for Pre-Teens & Teens Through Virtual Movie Theatre

After almost three years of intensive work and many sleepless nights, Skizzleville the new online social entertainment site designed exclusively for pre-teens and teens has decided it’s time to launch.

CEO Josie Snyder notes that it is time, 2013 must be the year of release.

Having spent and dedicating every night and day to this project for the last few years she understands that if it doesn’t launch how can it ever become successful.

As a business woman and mother she strives to ensure that every detail has been met, but also understands that those who first started weren’t totally perfect.

On March 23rd, this new online virtual portal opens their doors through their built in online virtual movie theatre, in which they invite you to be part of their very first live event, “Imagine That”, which was sponsored by Non-Profit Organization Kids Net World Wide.

Snyder’s vision for Skizzleville is to offer more than the average online site.

As a kid at heart and taking direction from the two young men in her life, she wants to ensure that kids have so many opportunities to showcase their talents, aside from enjoying networking with friends or just playing games.

Snyder and her boys created the new online magazine, called “Skizzleville” to offer an additional outlet in which everyone has the opportunity to submit their work and have the chance to have their work showcased through the Magazine and even within Skizzleville.

Through non-profit organization Kids Net people may donate towards the Skizzleville Magazine, which will help the company to create many more projects to help kids.

Forty percent of each donation will be placed in a secured account overseen by a Bank Advisor in which scholarships will be awarded yearly to those that have participated, and those of whom were also approved.

Snyder remarked that everyone is so talented, that they will have to be the ones to vote for each other!

If you have a child that is talented or you are looking for that new online neighbourhood playground, look no further, make sure you sign up at!

About Skizzleville is a new website designed to allow students to confidently and comfortably connect with peers and explore in a safe, social learning environment.

In today’s economy, with ever-shrinking educational budgets, schools are strapped to provide the same level of education students once enjoyed.

With, students can supplement traditional classroom learning with social online learning.


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