Smartphone Growth Surges Globally

( September 19, 2011

Smartphone Growth Surges Globally

Smartphone Growth Surges Globally

Smartphones are the most widely used cellular phones across the world and in 2009, there were 17% of mobile users that were known to use smartphones and in only one year, this number was increased by 10% and based on recent research that has been carried out in 2011, this figure has risen to 38%.

Mobile phones are a vitally important instrument to businesses these days, as Smartphones are being used more and more to attract and keep new and old customers intact and have contributed to the success of many businesses.

The smartphone market has seen rapid growth and it is still growing at exponential rates. As it continues to grow in popularity, smartphone users have been keeping their eyes out for new and amazing applications to make their smartphone usage an experience even more interesting and enjoyable.

Nowadays it is highly recommended that all businesses make their web pages easily readable on mobile phones.

Business that fail to make their online presence mobile friendly in even the most basic of ways will surely be surpassed by their competitors in today’s technologically advanced society.

More and more people are now searching for businesses and services on their mobile phones, due to ease of use and the time savings.

We live in a very modern world, with modern technology, and you will therefore, need to ensure that your business is modern and not too conventional.

Smartphones make visiting the internet very easy and that is the major reason why they have become so popular over the past few years.

While most of the population is just getting into the smartphone sector, a few years ago it was used exclusively by businessmen and top professionals.

As time passed mobile companies realized that they could make more even more profits by making these smarter phones affordable and available to the masses.

The flow on effect of the smartphone growth has been a boon for businesses large and small.

The average smartphone is now available at very affordable prices and with some great telco service plans.

Smartphones are for work and play.  You can take beautiful pictures, watch movies and your favorite television show, check your emails, play some of the most amazing games, and keep track of your social networks, simply by using something that can easily fit in the palm of your hands.

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