Social Interaction and its Effects on Health Makes Headlines Again

New study on Interacting socially for better health

Social Interaction and Health

Social interaction and how you relate to others, in particular at what level you mix with other individuals in our society has hit the spotlight again.

Social activities and the lack of them have long been blamed for a shortened life span, especially among the recluse in our society. Yet another health study has come to the conclusion that the more human beings interact with those around them, the longer a life span they will have.

Researchers have combined the results of 148 previous studies, through a process that is more commonly known in academic circles as meta-analysis.

This latest study has been published in the prestigious Public Library of Science Medicine journal.

The resulting analysis tended to lead to the overall agreement with previous findings that people who lead a full social and interactive lifestyle, coupled with a healthy diet and exercise, tend to live longer than their quieter and more conservatively introverted countertypes.

In excess of 300,000 men and women across the developed world were involved in these socially interactive studies. The results indicated that those with little social connections had on average 50% higher odds of death than people with more robust social ties.

This equated on average to an extended lifespan of some 7.5 years for those who socialised on a greater scale.

So it appears that socializing with family, friends, and colleagues influences our health for the better in many ways, both big and small. Another factor that arose from the study was that when an individual is connected to a group they tend to naturally feel responsibility towards that group of people and in turn tend to look after themselves better.

This may take the form of a better diet, getting more exercise and even taking less risks in life that could turn out to be harmful and possibly stop them from being able to participate  in this group social interaction.

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