State of the Art Solution to Cyclone Protection

Cairns, Australia – ( May 23, 2013

State of the Art Solution to Cyclone Protection

State of the Art Solution to Cyclone Protection

The iconic masking tape ‘cross’ and hastily hammered up plywood on buildings in the event of a cyclone will soon be a thing of the past following the launch today of AstroGuard by Cairns business, Cyclone Protection Australia.

Already established in the United States as the cyclone (hurricane) protection of choice, AstroGuard is destined to revolutionise how Australian households look after their homes and themselves during violent storms and tropical cyclones.

In demonstrating its strength and efficacy at today’s launch, AstroGuard’s  Cairns based distributors, Menno Nentjes and Jim Reeves  of Cyclone Protection Australia, said the product was sought out of need in the wake of cyclone Yasi and is a 21st century solution to cyclone protection.

AstroGuard is a high strength, high intensity nylon hybrid fabric that is coated in an ultra-durable, UV resistant resin that can withstand winds of over 300 km per hour.

Mr Reeves said that AstroGuard can be used domestically and on commercial and government buildings and is the first commercial product available in Australia offering effective storm and cyclone protection.

“After weathering various cyclones and making do with traditional protection methods that didn’t invoke a feeling of safety or peace of mind, I was determined to find a better alternative.”

” I began my search in earnest after cyclone Yasi and soon happened upon the merits of AstroGuard  – which in the past five years has become widely used in hurricane prone areas of the United States.”

“With Menno’s support we went about establishing our company and are pleased to announce today that we can now offer the same level of protection to Australians.”

According to Mr Reeves AstroGuard is able to resist wind, water and flying debris to easily outrank metal panels and roll down shutters.

It is over two times stronger than any other product currently available in Australia.

AstroGuard has undergone testing in a range of real world conditions and has demonstrated it can protect openings of any size – from the smallest windows to the largest garage doors.

“In many instances AstroGuard may be stronger than the structures it is covering – not just the glass,” said Mr Reeves.

Research following cyclones Larry and Yasi found that old, weak or faulty hardware like locks, latches and hinges failed under the intense loads placed upon them.

Properly attached AstroGuard can withstand extremely high winds and is able to buffer the forces applied to structures behind it.

Astro Guard has completed impact testing at the Tropical Testing Station, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at James Cook University, Townsville.

It is now rated for protection in cyclone region C – which is all of cyclone prone Australia except for a small region of northern Western Australia.

This is the only system of its kind that has this rating in Australia.

While AstroGuard is initially more expensive than plywood, it is the only proven product on the market and is a ‘one off solution’ that is more cost effective in the long term.

AstroGuard’s clip attachment system has been specifically designed to ensure screens can be installed and removed quickly, safely and easily.

With an installation time frame of between one and two days, the approximate cost of covering a four bedroom home is $4,000 plus installation.

AstroGuard is now available to purchase online

To find out more, visit the website or  contact Mob: 0499 995006



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