The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Leads the Way on eBay

( April 26, 2014

The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Leads the Way on eBay

The Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Leads the Way on eBay

Cryptocurrency sales have taken off big time on eBay thanks to the auction giants recent positive reversal on trading electronic currencies.

The Dogecoin is leading the pack and definitely the most popular cryptocurrency offered for sale at this point in time, with multiple denominations of the currency available at various prices.

It makes sense that the Dogecoin is popular, after all it is the 5th most traded currency in the world and one of the next most likely to shoot up in value.

The press coverage this cryptocoin has been receiving is astounding and has also helped catapult it to the forefront of the cryptocurrency markets.

From helping fund Olympic teams to supporting NASCAR racers, the Dogecoin is starting to be accepted as legal tender in many everyday businesses.

Not bad for a digital currency that was only created in December 2013 as a bit of a joke by its Australian co-founder Jackson Palmer.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors instantly fell in love with the photogenic Shiba Inu meme, the Japanese breed of dog that it is based on.

Tipping in Dogecoin’s among the social online community has also exploded and in turn helped drive the phenomenal growth of this new electronic currency.

Those savvy investors that jumped onboard in the earlier days were able to pick up millions of Dogecoin’s for ridiculously cheap prices.

Nowadays it can cost over a $1,000+ for a million Dogecoin.

Current eBay pricing for the Dogecoin (as at 04/26/2014) ranges from $10-$13 for 10,000 to $100-$150 for 100,000.

Buyers can choose from the Buy it now mode or auction mode in eBay.

It is possible to pick up the Dogecoin’s cheaper in auction mode depending on the time the auction closes (early in the morning) or the sellers knowledge on what they are really worth.

Now is definitely the time to get on board this Cryptocurrency craze before prices go through the roof again like they did with Bitcoin.


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