The Google Effect On Human Memory – What is the Truth?

( July 21, 2011

The Google Effect On Human Memory - What is the Truth?

The Google Effect On Human Memory - What is the Truth?

When it comes to finding virtually anything we need, Google has become one of our closest friends.

Whether looking for a pin or an anchor, all that needs to be done is to type it into the Google search engine and you will be presented with an answer.

Lately the issue has been raised that the use of the search engine has somehow impacted human memory and the way that we do things.

An assistant professor working at the Columbia University, Betsy Sparrow has been studying the effects that the Google search engine has been having on people.

She then concluded that we use the search engine as our personal memory bank and that this process by its very nature will make us dependent on it.

This dependency was termed the Google effect.

Professor Sparrow also stated that people tend to fail at memorizing the information they receive, as there is so much of it.

They became dependent on the Google search engine to find all that they want at the time that they need it.

This has however led her to believe that failure to fully exercise the brain will also lead to reduced brain functions including diminished human memory.

When her views were aired the responses that came in were numerous.

As we are now living in an age where finding all the information that we need is somewhat limitless, it was the general rule of thumb that this would only make us more intelligent.

We have used that information to better what we do and therefore we have become more technologically advanced and now we are living in an age where more scholars have been cultivated than ever before.

There are many things that can be argued when it comes to the way that we use information, but the Google effect has been used to liken the way that we depend on the search engine for all that we need.

Even though Sparrow’s views are linked more to her research, we need to understand that with the inception of the cell phone and the accessibility and power that it has given us, we will surely adequately use it based on its capability.

There is nothing wrong with the use of the Google search engine as a means of research and fact finding.

But people need to ensure that they don’t rely on it for everything.

When people do become too dependent, then they will become prone to the Google Effect and an overall alteration of human memory.

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