The Loretta Claiborne Story

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The Loretta Claiborne Story

The name Loretta Claiborne still inspires the lives of millions of people around the US and the world.

The story of this courageous young woman has been featured in the Disney movie “The Loretta Claiborne Story” released in 2000.

Loretta was one of seven children born into a poor single parent family on August 14th, 1953. She was born with partial blindness and mildly retarded and was unable to walk or talk until 4 years of age.

At an early age Loretta began to run and found she really enjoyed the freedom of running and what she describes as being in the joy of the moment.

She has since gone on to run in 26 marathons and has twice placed in the top 100 women in the Boston marathon. Claiborne is one of the famous athletes featured on the Special Olympics website where you can find videos and more information on her well publicized exploits.

Loretta has carried the torch in the International Special Olympics and won many medals over dozens of events. She currently holds the women’s record in her age group for the 5000 meters at 17 minutes.

Winner of the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage in 1996 and also an accomplished black belt in karate Loretta Claiborne has proven that anyone can strive and achieve success in their chosen field no matter what life throws at them.

Her life mission has been to show the world that people with mental and physical disabilities are equal to anyone else.

Now in her early fifties, Loretta still finds it extremely enjoyable to run everyday and often up to 5 miles. This inspiring woman will continue to influence the lives of not just those with physical or mental disabilities, but also those who aspire to any form of greatness or accomplishment in their chosen field of endeavour.

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